Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sample Saturday | Klout Perk | Freeman Beauty Masks

Hello everyone! Last year (probably in November!) I got another Klout perk from Freeman Beauty!!
I got three masks from them.

  • Cucumber Peel-off Mask
  • Charcoal& Black sugar Polishing Mask
  • Avocado Clay Mask

I have previously owned their cucumber and avocado mask but haven't tried the charcoal mask before.Freeman Beauty is one of my favorite-affordable brand. I guess you guys have seen my previous posts about their products.

I am mostly curious to try out the charcoal mask which I haven't opened yet but soon i'll be reviewing it !

Cucumber Peel-off mask- This mask was my first Peel-off mask (2012) It's a cool refreshing mask.But I don't think it can remove dirts/dead cell!! I love to use it on Summer time.It's also fun to try

Avocado Clay Mask-  This mask is not for me as I have dry skin;it worsen a lot!! But my hubby loves it He has oily skin.So, if you have oily skin you must try this one.

Charcoal Mask- Haven't tried yet,but soon ll be reviewing!

Chicky Talk-

  1. Finally,I have found the chia seed from the organic store.It's a healthy seeds, specially best for heart disease.My husband recently did some test for the chest pain.SO he might need to do the Angiogram!! I am trying my best to give him support and taking care of him.
  2. Recently my niece (in-law) stole my purse (clutch) where my important cards- ss card, license, insurance cards,money etc was in it.I don't understand why she did it again!! Yes, she previously stole my stuff,but I forgive her.But this time again!! it's too much!! SHe should know that I have my important papers/cards in the clutch.I don't understand why her parents don't take any action!!  BTW, she is 14 now!!  
  3. I am trying my best to conceive but still it's Negative (feeling desperate!!)
  4. Sometimes I feel so bad that I wanna go home.Feeling lonely without my family :( 


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