Friday, January 17, 2014

The Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox ♥

Happy Friday everyone! It always makes me Happy to get a Voxbox from +Influenster no matter what it is.
Last week, once again, I have received my first [for this year] but 6th voxbox which is called "The Sally Hansen Total Knock Out "  from them!! My hubby was rolling his eyes on me as I was screaming [usually] to get the box!

I already posted some photos of the voxbox on the Instagram, you might have seen it!
Here is the details; In the box, I have received three Sally Hansen Nail Polishes-

  • Red My Lips [470]
  • Jaded [540]
  • Pat On The Black [510]

Well, when I got the email from Influenster, I even didn't know that they'll sent me three polishes!! WOOHOO!! I was really surprised when I opened the box! ☺ Big Thanks to +Influenster and +Sally Hansen  for these awesome goodies!!☺♥♥♥

As you can see, I got three awesome shades to try on. I love all the three colors!

What Sally Hansen Is Great For-

  • The Color Coverage
  • Speed Of Application
  • Steak Free Application
  • The Brush
  • Saving Time

So here some swatches photos below.One swatches is enough to pull off but  the 'Jaded' shade is kinda pale which is why I had to apply two times! Still though it's okay,love it ♥♥♥

Aren't they Gorgeous!!☺♥

Have it all! 7 Benefits. 1 Bottle-

  • Base Coat
  • Strengthener
  • Growth Treatment
  • Color
  • Top Coat
  • Chip Resistant 
  • gel Shine Finish

My Final Thought-   I always love sally hansen polishes.I only had two polishes before until now. Their brushes is perfectly wide which allows you to make a great mani. Their formula is very thick,shiny and smooth which makes it easier to apply once time~ and you are ready to go. They dry out so fast that I don't even worry that much. Perfect mani for everyday!! ♥  Overall, I am super impressed once again!! ♪

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I hope you guys wonderful Friday!! 

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