Friday, January 24, 2014

UByKotex || Putting Period Protection To The Real ife

Last week I got the awesome ''UBy Kotex" sample kit from Crowdtap!!♥♥ Well, it was really surprised me because i didn't know what they would send me!! 
Keep rolling to see what inside the box☺

In The Kit- 
  • -1 Sampling Insert
  • -2 U by Kotex zipper tins (holding 2 U by Kotex® Barely There® liners, 2 U by Kotex® Sleek* tampons and a Generation Know* bracelet)

My Thoughts- 
The tin is super cute. I have decided to give the other tin to my niece( not the stupid one!) as her birthday is coming next month. I am sure she'll love it and she does use tampon , so she will definitely use it♥ 
I am not sure I'll keep wearing the bracelet, as it's best suit to teenager☺ But it's a fun to celebrate with Kotex♥♥ 
I usually use the max size pad during my period.And use the small one if I'm almost done with it (hehe!!)  Basically I have no idea how to use tampon!! I am better happy with the pad though! I have a gross feeling about tampon(ewww!)  
Overall, I love the idea about Protection tips and tricks by UbyKotex.  

Have a nice weekened!♥


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