Friday, February 7, 2014

February Haul #1

Hello everyone! Even though I have decided to do less shopping,but sometimes I do that to make myself away from depressed!! 
Anyway, here are some mini haul I have done this week! And some others I have ordered online in January,but as I have received this month,I'll add it anyway! ☺

First let me show you my Body shop Haul. Recently they had an awesome deal with free shipping.And obviously I have to dive in☺ I am getting addicted to their products a lot!  

  • Body Polish Vanilla Bliss 
  • Cranberry Hand Wash (I bought two) 
  • Snowman Shea Gift Set
  • Rain Forest Shampoo (mini size)
  • Body Lotion Lychee blossom 
  • Shea Gift Cube (butter+ scrub) 

Oh dear Snowman!! Love this cute tin!! I have never tried any body polish before. so excited to see how cool this product is!!☺ If you guys saw my previous body shop mini haul [Here] before, you might seen that I bought the rain forest conditioner.So this time I wanna to see how good their shampoo is.If it works for me, then I'll buy the full size, I guess! 

Next I bought a card holder from ebay! As you guys know, my purse wass stolen, so I bought the new one.This one is pretty and cheap too! 

Did you guys get the free Bath&body works Body lotion from their store?☺ I am always love to collect their free lotion, although I don't use it.Because their products makes my skin so dry for access alcohol.I collect it to give others as a gifts.I know many people love their products. Anyway, I also bought some mini candles too! They smell amazing!♥ 

My Norton antivirus almost gonna expired soon.So I was looking for the good deal to buy a new anti-virus.You know, Norton is kinda expensive and I can't see any good deal of that recently. So this time , I choose Kaspersky anti-virus to see how good this one. I am gonna use this for my three laptops (for one year!)  Although, my best choice is Norton ! 

So, that's all for today!  Let me know if you have anything to comment!!☺


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