Friday, February 28, 2014

♠ Friday Chicky Talk ♠

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the chicky talk post☺ This is my last post for Febraury. Oh! a last day (28th Feb.2014) How awful it is! This month ended Happily & somehow very badly! 

1. First of all, a big announcement!- I am now a real "Aunt" Congratulaiton to my big brother and sister-in-law. Now they are the parents of a cute baby boy!♥ everyone is saying that he looks like me, how weird? !! I can't wait to meet my nephew and skype daily. His name is "pokemon" Yes, I am gonna call that☺ hehe.... [Oh! my little Pokemon, kiss kiss from aunt☺] 

2. Yes! I am a big fan of cup noodles! I  love the chicken flavor.So recently i tried the shrimp one and it's terrible!! (yacky smell) Don't buy it! 

3. For these few weeks, I have been watching Korean Drama.I am not going to review details though! 
The two series I am watching - When A Man Loves & My Princess .I mostly like the first one-  when a man loves.Love the story. The second one was ok too.I like the first part mostly. My new favorite actor- Song Seung Heon♥ he is just too cute!! 

Then I realized that he can sing too!!♥ 

4. yesterday we got a really bad news! One of my sisterinlaw's daughter who is also my childhood friend ,got Cancer.We are very shocked to hear this.This is really unexpected.She is almost in my age.She is currently having some test and Dr.  said it could be cure and need chemo.I wish  she don't suffer that much. We are literally exhausted and don't understand what to do as we live so far far away from them!! If the situation worsen than now,probably we need to do something emergency. I need all of your prayers right now. ♥  I hope she battle this war with a brave heart ♥

5.Lastly ,i hope you guys join my Blogaversary Giveaway [Here

That's all for today! If you wanna chat,comment below☺ See you guys in next month!! 

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