Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Empties [2014]

Oh Hello everyone! A happy new month to all of you!
 I am the laziest person in the world when it comes to finish any product.This last month, I barely finish anything;most of it was samples or mini size.But I'm trying my best to use more products as often☺ (lmao)

Here I'll write about my thoughts briefly with photos☺
SO, let's begin♥

Duracell Batteries- Did I just eat all my batteries? haha, just kidding!☺ Well, we are the biggest fan of batteries when it comes to Duracell♥ These batteries are regular uses only. I also have pencil batteries,rechargeable batteries from Duracell as well. As I have finished this one,probably I need more which I am going to buy soon. I buy batteries from staples,on sale though!
What is your favorite battery brand? (I know, funny ques?!lol)

Dust Destroyer- I use dust destroyer twice a year;to clean our laptops.SO far, we have three laps.It cleanse all the dirt/dusts and everything form your laptop! I have so many of it,I don't think I need to buy more☺ But of course I'll buy more if I need it.

Fresh'n Soft Dryer Sheet- Well, I am probably going to buy different scent next time.This one smell nice but I barely smell anything on my clothes after using it. Though it's a must have sheet when I do my laundry♥

Kirkland Surface Wipes- Alright, I hate this wipes so much. I used it to clean my mirror and what happened then, it made my mirror more dirty and I don't know how much it kills the virus/germs XX Never gonna buy this in my life. BTW, I actually got this sample from Costco.

Real Time Pain Relief Cream- This cream is kinda feels like a gel cream. Nice smell and feels minty too. I am not gonna say it relief those muscle pain, but I like it to rub on the muscle.
I'll not gonna buy this again though.I only trust in Bengay/icyhot.

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm- Okay, it's a BB cream!! I got this sample from Sephora last year. OMG! just Loved it♥♥♥  It feels so good on my skin. Quite gives the flawless finish and I feel like I don't even need any concealer.Works like a foundation too!!(Just my personal thought!) The texture is so creamy and light-weight that i feel nothing after applied it on my face.A little goes a long way too! I am probably going to buy this if I need any BB cream.

Cantu Coconut hair Cream- O My Heaven! why this hair cream smells so amazing! The scent is a tropical sweet -blended with coconut flavored.I just only used once time as it's a sample,so I actually can't give you how it's good for my hair.But if it's available in store,then I am definitely gonna buy this cream!♥

Spirulina Powder- Well, it will be sound funny but I actually made a face mask with this spirulina powder.It smell so bad that I denied to drink; rather put this on my face☺ (lol) I am going to post about that soon☺ It turned into HULK!!♥ Anyway, as it smell so bad, I am not going to buy this, although I like their capsules. you know how good this spirulina for your health!!♥

Centrum Flavor Burst- I have reviewed it HERE before. I loved it so much. And I have previously bought this too!!

BBQ Potato Chips Chocolate- OMG! i hate this BBQ chocolate! It is so bad that I feel nausea after tested it! Please do not buy this awful chocolate ever !! [warning!!]  I got this from Pinchme box HERE

Twinning Tea- I am not a tea lover. But it was nice trying though! I like the regular tea with no flavor/scent on it.Just add a lil bit of ginger/clove/milk and sip it☺

Ahava Body Exfoliator- I am a huge fan of Ahava products since 2012!! Their mineral body exfoliator is so good and makes my skin super soft!! This is the sample size but I do have the full size of it which I haven't opened yet.I just wanna to try out the sample first to see if I like it or not.It makes my skin soft and smooth.It has sugar on it to exfoliate your skin, but it's not harsh at all; the sugar exfoliator melted on your skin and gives a silky finish and cleanse so well.It does make mild-foam and obviously smell super yummmy♥ You know, their products are kinda expensive,so I'm not sure if I'll buy it again.Let's see for the future deal/sale☺

Olay Micro-Sculpting Moisturizer- This is the tiny sample which I also received from Pinchme box. I am not fan of olay brands,it just not suit my skin type I guess. As I said it's a very tiny sample,so I couldn't test it so well.I think it's good for normal skin type. Because I have dry skin, I had to add serum after using it [too much dryness!!] 

Bath&Body Works Stress Relief Body Wash- Yes! again!! I love this mini stress relief body wash from BBW. I repurchase the mini one again! And obviously it last longer!! I don't think I am gonna go for the mini size again! I have to finish rest of it ☺ 

And some empty packet- SKinMedica Treatment Cream and Smooth Shadow Eye Pencil.Just a brief review- I love these two products a lot.I am currently using it regularly♥ You can check out the previous post HERE & HERE  

Neutrogena Hand Cream- [Previous post HERE] Oh! this was the last sample of Neutrogena hand cream. I have loved it so much. It's like a clear balm and my hand feels soft after applying the cream.It doesn't have any fragrance which is why I loved it so much!!♥ My husband also loved it a lot. I highly recommend it if you have dry skin☺I mainly used it before bed time.

Nivea Cream- I guess am not the only one who love Nivea!♥ I have been using it since I born I guess☺ This is the tiny tin,I always keep in my purse/side table.I only use it during the extreme cold season.This cream is really thick that protects my skin from getting dry/flaky. Sometimes I use it as a primer too if my skin feels/need extra protection. I am definitely going to buy new one soon.

Simple Facial Wash Gel- I think I got this mini sample in October (last year!) And it last longer than I thought!! It's a non-foamy facial gel wash.Very gentle for my dry skin.I loved it so much.It does hydrates my skin without making my face dry! This is the first time i have used a gel facial wash that didn't dry out!! This gel wash is also good for sensitive skin!! It does clean my skin so well and gives the fresh feeling. I highly recommend it for the dry/sensitive skin. I am definitely gonna buy it in future♥

Vitabath Body Wash- Finally I have used up all the vitabath tiny samples!! [Review HERE] Though I have some more mini bottles which I'll be using it soon. As I have mention before, I love these bodywashes. Among them, my favorite one is the cupcake frosting scent. This body washes doesn't make my skin dry,even it hydrates a lot.I have enjoyed this samples a lot. and probably gonna buy it when they'll have sale.


So that's all I have finished this month. Hope you have a great Month! Let me know if you have used any products or else.

Stay Safe & Happy☺


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