Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Favorites & Else..☺

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I have been out of blogging for a week  since my husband got sick and last week, he had an Angiogram in a hospital.Now he is taking a break from his work and staying at home with me for rest ☺ We were so tensed before the test although the result came out negative☺ Thanks Almighty he has no blockage on heart. It was the muscle pain.We wonder why his cardiologist told to do the angiogram.

Well,The first month of 2014 was terrible!! We had so many trouble but Still I hope for the best☺ ♥ 
I used to love winter when I was in my country, but now I hate winter, specially snow. Because after snow, the streets/ roads everything gets dirty and impossible to go outside! And not only this, then we have to clean it :(  meh!

I always need extra protection for my dry skin during winter.So far, my favorite multi moisturizer for January is (obviously) Steamcream♥  It's a little cute tin (koku) that comes with a various designs.I always keep Steam cream on my side-table,whenever I feel dry/dehydrated, just apply it directly in the skin as a face cream, hand cream, body moisturizer☺ No need to buy individually creams anymore☺ It has lavender flavor scent and very creamy-thick formula.After applied it on the skin, it absorbs so well & moisturized. You can buy it- HERE ($20) Like them on Facebook | Twitter 

An unhealthy but yummy treats that i am loving this month ☺ - Oreo with Milk- Drink and eat ♥

Although I am forcing hubby to eat fruits more often ♥ 

Start eating healthy food --> 

and dessert ♥ yumm! 

It's very important to clean the dust from your laptop/pc . We always clean it twice a year☺ You can find the  dust cleaner in Staples/online store☺

Haha,  I don't forget to clean my makeup brushes☺ It's very important to clean your brushes as often, right?♥ Check out my Crownbrush review HERE  & Dr. woods Liquid soap Review HERE  

So that's it for today! I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!! Stay happy and strong♥ 

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