Monday, February 17, 2014

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel || Review

Last year I bought this aloevera soothing gel after reading positive review about it. This product is made from the Korean brand called "Nature Republic". Honestly I was so craving to try it out and then ended up buying it from eBay (oh! I didn't know their store is now in NY!! What a dump!) I bought this for $8 but in store it's only costs $6.00 !! 
Well, I actually buy this gel specially for summer season.You know aloe Vera gel is so good for sunburn skin!! Every summer we have picnic in the beach and for that reason I got bad sunburn skin(so horrible!!) so I still haven't got chance to try it as it's winter now.Let's  wait for summer ☺

So, I basically use it on my skin(face) and hair. Every time I plucked my eyebrow/upper lips,i got red irritated bumpy skin. So I just apply a little amount of this aloevera gel on the affected area and boom- it soothes the area right away. It has very cool sensation effect that best for irritated skin!! As it's a multi-purpose product, I also use it on my hair/ just cool down my head and relaxed my mind!! (My personal opinion!) It is also great as a face mask/moisturizer. You know I have dry skin, but this gel is mind-blowing for my hydrates and moisturized so well. sometimes I use it as a sleeping mask. And the next morning I got soft and moisturized  skin!! It doesn't burn or irritate my eyes when I apply it which is why it's one of my favorite face mask ( I have previously tried freemanbeauty face masks and their masks burnt my eyes like crazy!!) 
I highly recommend this aloevera gel for anyone (perfect for any skin type) yes, I will definitely repurchase it again !! 

If you like to learn more about this gel, you can visit my dear friend Mira's review - HERE .She is amazing ♥

Let me know , if you have any question. 

Have a great weekend!! 

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