Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sample Saturday | Cantu Curling Cream

Happy Saturday!!!♥♥ Hope you guys are having a good time.☺Here is my brief review about this Shea butter Coconut Curling cream- This cream is well textured and smell amazing;kinda feels like a tropical coconut scented cream.Very relaxable after used. I applied it on my scalp and message through the hair. The next day, i washed my hair with regular shampoo.My hair feels nice and silky too! this cream works like a hair oil for me.I don't like to style my hair with cream/oil,because this cream will make your hair more greasy and sticky.. 
Overall, I like the refreshing scent of this cream and probably would love to buy it.As I only tried once time, I am not sure if I would love to continue it.But it was nice trying though!!♥♥

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