Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sample Saturday || Sensodyne Toothpaste

Happy Saturday everyone!! ♥
When I was a kid (I still remember), my mom's dentist suggested her this Sensodyne toothpaste as she was suffering sensitivity and nerve pain! Since then we always need back up of this awesome toothpaste whenever we feel like having tooth trouble☺ I have been seen this toothpaste on Costco for a while too!! And got a sample from them which is cool,although we have bought it already! ♥

I think everyone should keep this toothpaste with them. It has many benefit.
You need this toothpaste If you have-

  • Tooth pain from eating/ drinking cold itmes like icecream/ice water.
  • Aching of the teeth from hot food & drinks like soup/coffee.
  • Painful tooth sensitivity from brushing too hard. 

You know, during/after my pregnancy, everything has changed.I have been suffering from nerve pain  for drinking cold/ice water or beverages during that period! So this toothpaste help me a lot.It soothe my gum and erase those irritation.One thing I really like about this toothpaste that It doesn't burn my mouth like other toothpastes.The taste is also good and refreshing!! I highly recommend this to anyone!!♥ 

The sample I have got is for extra whitening but we have bought the Repair & protect one . And both of them are amazing!♥

SO that's all for today! See you next time!

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