Thursday, February 6, 2014

♥ Thursday Chicky Talk ♥

Happy Thursday everyone!☺
Today is my Birthday! I know it's totally awkward to mention! No special plan or anything else I have as I don't celebrate birthday anymore! I stopped celebrating my day after I moved to NY, leaving behind my family and everything! ...Every year, my mother baked cake for me( she gave so much effort to make it best!!♥) I miss those beautiful time,hanging out with my family,blowing mini candles or cutting embarrassing barbie cake! I loved balloons a lot.I usually had a huge crush on balloons no matter what occasion it was! My brother had to give me tons of books but as I had exam in every birthday month, I wasn't allowed to read it right away!! (eek..) Day by day , life is more depending on digital life-people now get alarm to wish on facebook/intrenet; who have time to call/give a hug?!!

1.Anyway, Here is my last fairwell Birthday in 2011 pics [Throw back Thursday!].. You can understand why I miss my whole family like hell.!! ... ||__||

2. Finally we bought Theft protection alarm system for our room, so that no one can sneekpeek or steal my stuff anymore. Hahaha!! (so excited!!) It sounds like a fire alarm.You have to operate it with remote (on/off) BTW , I bought this from ebay!! Under 10 bucks I guess!!

3. So, you might seen in my post that I am a huge fan of Oreo! Today I got a whole packet of new Oreo (marshmallow/rice crisp!) cookie!!! ♥ SO yummy!! Thanks to the company for the great birthday treat! Haha! I got this from Twitter!!

4.I am trying my best to push Hubby doing more exercise and eat healthy food.Obviously he is so against me for that!! (poor hubby!!)

5. Here is my birthday Mani!! [i forced myself to do it- no more sad face] Forgive my ugly short nails. I have been cooking a lot and chopping cutting my fingers like hell. (on my nails- Sally Hansen Jaded) Review HERE!

6. Finally I am back with my short hair.All credits goes to Hubby!! (lmao!!) Sound damn ridiculous but he cut it very shortly that I don't think so I can go to salon to give it a good shape. (lol) I like it though!

8. Let's talk about aging!! Well, I have been getting so many compliments about how young I look.(hehehe!) I still remember the day when I first landed to JFK airport, the man who works there, calling me "little girl" ,he swear me that I looked like 8th grade student!! How weird!! Since then, I Still get same compliments!! I used to embarrass a lot. But not anymore!! I think I should take it as a positive way!! ☺ Yes, everyone!! I look young and it's a good thing !! No one wants to get old so early. BTW it's my 24th birthday and I'll always be your sweet 14!! HAHA...♥    

9. So I was just checking my Google+ and found this- Judy's video... Lmao . They looks so pretty!!! {dang!!} Check out the video!! 

10. WOOHOO!! Did I just score 100 followers on my blog!! Thank you so much guys!! XOXO I think I need to do a giveaway, right? Lemme know if you want me to do a giveaway post!☺☺ 

So that's all for today!! Let me know if you guys like this type of post or if you wanna join with me too!!♥♥


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