Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What's In My Travel SkinCare Bag

It's very essential to carry your skin Care goodies with you during vacation/travel.Last year was disaster while visiting my country.i was sick,exhausted and then forgot to pack my skinCare goodies. this time I am prepared & make a small lists of my most used/favorite products & put it in a small bag. 

Here is the details - 

I got this cute little bag from sephora.i can carry a lot of stuff in it!! 

I must have my steamcream  [SHU] ($20.00) in the bag which is an all-purpose (body +face) cream. I guess you have previously read the REVIEW HERE. I always try to skip all kind of lavender scented products except the does have a strong scent of lavender,but when I apply it on my skin,within a few seconds,the scent just vanished even leaving my skin soft/hydrates/moisturized !! (Which is why I love it )!! ♥ STEAMCREAM uses top-quality ingredients like neroli oil and rose absolute that are often used in the most exclusive perfumes. Neroli oil is so precious and beautifully scented that it was named after the 16th century princess Anna-Marie di Nerola, who used it to scent her gloves and bath water to help to seduce her lovers! Each kilo of rose absolute is made from the petals of thousands of roses, picked at exactly the right time to produce the most natural, seductive scent. Instead of a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day why not try something a little lighter? STEAMCREAM is packed with cocoa butter, but is far better for your skin. It is also full of antioxidants and vitamin E, leaving skin smooth and soft.

This is my newly favorite toner from can check out my full Review HERE. It doesn't contain any harsh alcohol which is great for my dry skin.!! It has mini sizes too which can easily carry on the bag! 

A sunscreen is a must when you are travelling,my favorite one is Neutrogena... 

Skinmedica treatment cream is mainly for extreme dry heals those crackly/itchy, flaky dry skin so well- which is why I love it! [Review HERE]

Obviously you'll find a deodorant in my travel bag! Right now I am using dove .[ Review]

Girls without lip balm is insane ! (Haha) currently I am using eos mint one. 

You must be surprize to see Men's AHAVA moisturizer !! Let me remind you- I mostly travel with my hubby, so it is also my reaponsibilty to take care his skin. He was do arrogant to use anything in his skin, but after I introduced him the amazing AHAVA moisturizer cream, he is in love with it. [REVIEW HERE] it's very travel friendly too!! 

So that's all I carry in my travel bag. Let me know yours too! Have a nice weekend! 


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