Monday, March 10, 2014

February Empties [2014]

I have been thinking about  posting my empties,but it's kinda embarrassing as I have used up or finished few of the products. I also add some new stuff like jewelry which I am throwing right now (after the post) ☺

Let's begin ☺ 

Proactiv Toner- Actually my husband finished this one. Although we hate proactiv. Their service is aweful and almost gonna rob you!! It's impossible to cancel the subscription and they continue to send you boxes which you have to pay more money!! After we cancelled our subscription, they put us subscribed for three months and cut monthly charges without sending any boxes!! What a terrible robber!! 

Freeman Beauty Barefoot Cream- I loved it and still using it.repurchase twice time. 

ClearBasic Cotton Pad-  Cotton pad is  must for beauty lover , right? loved it and currently using from the nature republic cotton pad.Both works nicely. 

Simple Cleansing Wipes- I think I have received it from my target beauty bag!! Finally finished this one. I actually don't like it. It makes my skin really dry and irritated as well. May be it didn't suit my skin tone. I should better try sth for sensitive skin.

Makeup Brush- A very old brush from unknown brand! Time to toss it- I barely use it though! 

WnW Nail Polish- It was my favorite pink pale nail polish and sadly it's expired!!  SO creamy and perfect shade. 

Jouer Lip Gloss- It's sample size Jouer lip gloss which I have received from my Birchbox. I loved the shade.It's so creamy , pigmented and moisturized gloss. I will probably repurchase it again. 

Ponds BB Cream- This is my first time tried Pond's BB Cream and I loved it so much. I am not a big fan of Ponds products.Their scent is really harsh for me;that's why I always skip this brand. But Thank Goodness, I tried their BB Cream.It surprised me a  lot. Though the scent is same but it just perfect for me.Blended so well,matched the shade and hydrated too!! I highly recommend it as a Drugstore BB Cream !

Mango+Passion Fruit Sugar Body Scrub- I love love love this scrub too! You can check out my review HERE 

Hada labo Skin Plumping Gel Cream- I don't know if it does plump my skin or not but it was a nice cream.It hydrates and moisturized my skin,although I have to reapply twice a day! I don't think I am gonna buy it again. 

Travel Toothpaste- Hahaha!! I didn't even use it. Found it while cleaning my drawer.It's expired!! So, goodbye!! 

Empty packet of Zoya polish  and Nume hair mask which I have received from My Ipsy  

I am a chocolate lover. Two packet of Delish candy and chocolate which I have received from the houseparty. Full Post HERE  

Ring and earring which I have broken last month. That was my monster ring- feel so bad!! eeee .. 

So that's all for this month. I'll be back next month with new empties!☺ 

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Have a nice weekend! 

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