Monday, March 3, 2014


Happy new month everyone! 
Recently Neutrogena has launched their New Hair Care Products which I am so thrilled about! Neutrogena is a drugstore high demanded & expensive brand that has a great reputation when it comes to good products.I actually never ought to try out their hair care products until now. All thanks to Bzzagent for giving me chance to try out.This is my 1st Bzzagent in 2014 as well!! ♥ 

Neutrogena New Triple Repair Fortifying Hair Kit  is mainly focused on damaged control, safe for colored hair, mends splits ends, strengthens brittle hair, protects from breakage. 
In this collection ,they have three products to try- 

  • Neutrogena Triple fortifying repair shampoo
  • Neutrogena triple fortifying repair conditioner
  • Neutrogena Triple fortifying Leave-in-treatment

I have been using the shampoo,conditioner and the leave in treatment for two weeks now and already fall in love with it. Last month I have cut my hair short.It's not because I wanted to, but I had to. My hair was faded as I have dyed it and it damaged from root to the end..It was dull,flat and unmanageable  that made me cut into short.But it's not ended my problem.I still have the damaged hair. 

But after using the new Neutrogena damaged repair kit,I can see improvement.My hair looks better than before.I feel good to touch it again.There is no deny that they invented an awesome products for damaged repair. 

These products comes with a tube and easily can used.Even you can just throw it on your handbag while travelling (no worries at all) I absolutely love love love it. 

No difference that the shampoo & conditioner smell like a real shampoo.Yes, no fency here-chemical scent as usual. Quite similar to the pantene one- although it's my personal opinion. 

I believe for the healthy hair- you need to follow a healthy lifestyle.Otherwise no shampoo or else can protect your hair from damaged. 

I am not sure if I am going to buy\repurchase again,but I believe it's a good shampoo for my hair.So it's  always be my 2nd choice if I wanna to buy expensive one☺ 

Check out the website for more details- Here  

Let me know if you have tried /heard about it before.
Have a nice weekend! 

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