Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sample Saturday || Apothederm Serum

Welcome to my Sample Saturday post. Today's sample is from Apothederm skin Care which  I have received from ipsy and SircleSample. 
I love serum, but it doesn't mean I am gonna like any of it. I have previously used their face cream which I like mostly. So, I thought I would love it as their products are quite expensive & high valued. But this serum surprises me. I am totally dislike it. As it mention to use day & night, I applied after washing my face. After few seconds later when I was rubbing my face, it started to peel my skin which is totally unpleasant to me. And this serum is also smell bad which makes me hate it. 
I don think so that it brighten my face at all (Huh! What a dump serum!) 
So, what should I suppose to do with it ? Instead of using it on my face, I started to apply on my knees & elbow ( let's pretend to be a genius) so , I feel like it does moisturized those areas  and perhaps wish to get a glowing/ brightening knees /elbow (hehe!) 

I think this serum tighten up the skin rather than brighten up the tone. And raise your hand if you hate to see the peeling dead skin! I don't know what type of formula they use,but it's just disaster. 

Many ways to use serum- 

If you are like me, hate to put this on your  face ,then try something like these- 

1. Apply on the body 
2. Add it with a homemade mask( because it'll peel     the dead skin) 
3. Gift someone who like it. 

Now it's up to you. Although, I hate this serum, I must admit that I like their packaging- super cool mini pump. 

Have you tried this serum before? What do you think about it ? Did you like it or trash it ? 

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