Saturday, May 10, 2014

April Empties [2014]

OMG! it's Saturday! Sometimes I feel like I am getting older fast!! 
Anyway, let's talk about monthly empties! 

I actualy don't know the name of it,I found this "Egg Roll Snacks" from a Chinese store!! It's yummy and I repurchse it again in a different flavor! ♥ This time I bought pumpkin flavor and I don't like it.I think the regular one is better. 

Next is the ''Febreeze Home Freshener''! It was  lavender scent which I dislike a lot! Thank Goodness I finished it! I am sorry but I hate anything with lavender scent!! 

This was the ''Mini Candles'' from Bath& body works. My entire tiny room smelt like a vanilla cupcake!! ♥ love it!!

I loved this Healthy sexy hair spray a lot which I received from my Ipsy bag [Here] I am definitely gonna repurchase it! 

You can see a disaster happened with this Freeman Beauty Avocado Clay mask. I actually bought this for hubby as he has oily skin.He loved it and then we have to repurchase  it again☺ I have tried it too and it's kinda makes my skin more dry.So, if you already have dry skin like me,then don't buy it!! 

So, that's all for this month as you can see. I am not sure if I can finish any more products, but I'll try my best. Hehehe..☺

Have a nice weekend! 

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