Thursday, May 15, 2014

Perlier Royal Elixir Honey Facial Serum

If you are following my blog, then you probably familiar with Perlier brand already. I am a huge fan of this brand since I have tried their products.It's a luxurious royal brand for skinCare products. Previously I have tried their "Royal Honey Body Butter"[HERE] during winter season. It was one of my favorite body butter that I have used to keep my dry skin moisturized,hydrated and healthy. 
Today I am going to review about this new "Facial Youth Honey Serum", made with Fresh Royal Jelly!! This is also my first time to try a unique serum that contain shimmer formula and become my newly favorite as well!! ♥

An innovative , anti-aging serum that incorporates fresh Royal jelly from Adrican bees known to stimulate collagen production & provide vital nutrients & anti-oxidative properties to the skin. Additionally,all the water has been replaced by extremely pure rose distillate that has moisturizing & toning properties. 
 Exclusive and innovative Youth Elixir with fresh Royal Jelly and other key ingredients
Helps aged skin appear renewed and more youthful-looking
Non-irritating complex of ingredients may be used around the eye area
Formula in which all water has been replaced by rose distillate
Rose distillate has been shown to have moisturizing and toning properties
Formula contains approximately 70% functional key ingredients

Made in Italy



My Opinion- 
I have never used a serum that contain golden shimmer; although I have tried other body lotion that have shimmery formula and among them my favorite one was Dove. Now I am loving this unique honey serum a lot.You know in summer, it gives you an extra glow on your skin and who doesn't love the glowing skin in the heat? This serum is perfect for my skin tone and gives a nice glow as well. I was happy to know that it also fight to prevent aging!! I love that it's not greasy, oily or sticky at all! Very light weight and gentle to apply. I love how it feels great on my skin.This serum absorb well and gives a smooth finish.My skin feels so refreshed too! This is prefect serum during the beach time while we try to avoid extra makeup and it works like a luminizer too! And so far I have no complain about their packaging as well. It comes with pump that is easy to apply and even safe to carry while traveling. I highly recommend this if you love shimmery- serum that contain anti-aging formula. I don't think I will repurchase it  as it's too costly! 

Price- $99.00 [S+H $6.98]

Available - HSN   

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