Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sample Saturday || Garnier Facial Cleansers

Happy Saturday! 
Last month I have received three samples from Garnier via +Klout again. It was their new collection of cleansers.

  • Nourishing Oi Cleansers- For Dry Skin 
  • Balancing Daily Exfoliator- For Combination Skin 
  • Blackhead Elimination Scrub- For Oily Skin 

It was great samples to try out. The nourishing oil cleanser is mainly for dry skin and it's a great cleanser to remove makeup & dirt. This is the 1st drugstore brand oil cleanser.Although after tried this cleanser, I need to wash my face with a face wash anyway.I love how it removes all the makeup and dirt without making my face dry at all. And also it smell nice.
The balancing daily cleanser is mainly for combination skin but I feel like it also work for my dry skin too specially for the Summer.It does clean the face and balance the condition of your face.
I let my hubby to try out the Blackhead eliminating scrub as he has oily skin tone.He loves it.It does clean your skin but it didn't clean up the blackhead (Duhhh!!) Its just works like a face wash.All of it kinda smell similar which is weird to me!! 

Among all of it, I think I'll probably going to buy the oil cleanser as it's affordable,and easy to get.You can find it in every drugstore now.It does help to clean all the makeup/dirts.And it comes in a cute pump bottle which is easy to use. 

So that's all my quick opinion about the Garnier Cleansers. I am so glad to try all of it. 
Let me know about our opinion. 
Thanks for reading my short review.☺ 

Have a nice weekend! 

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