Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I Won Recently [April 2014] ♥

Sorry for not being around & finally am back again in here.I have been feeling terribly depressed for few days and then got the seasonal sickness FLU!! But you know, sometimes it's impossible to live without using my laptop as hubby force me to back in the track!eeee.... 
Anyway, here is the late post of my giveaway prizes

Let's begin... 

I actually won this Moisturizer in February from the beautiful +Leslie Hernandez Thank you so much Leslie, for the prize!☺ 

You know, Milani Cosmetics always have some giveaway on their social media sites. I have previously won some of their giveaways! So this month, I have received their lip products which I loved a lot. 
Currently I am using the pink lip gloss; it's so moisturizing and the color is also  gorgeous! ♥

Lastly, my +Influenster  Voxbox prize!! It is from the Sally Hansen Voxbox [click me] I was so excited to receive it!! This is my first gel manicure set! Thank you so much! 


So that's all I have won and received last month. Let me know about your thoughts if you tried any of it.☺ 

Have a nice weekend!! 

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