Friday, June 20, 2014


I know everyone is familiar with Dr. Scholl's shoe insole as they are quite popular and easy to get on drugstore.We always prefer Dr.Scholl for the insole no matter what shoe it is.They are always comfortable and great for tired feet. Although this is my first Dr.Scholl campaign from Bzzagent, I was previously received two more campaigns[Here & Here] as well.  
This is the new insole from Dr.Scholl- "DreamWalk" collection. It is designed for mainly the high heel shoes.  

Guaranteed to provide all-day comfort or your money back, Dr. Scholl’s® DreamWalk™ High Heel Insoles help prevent foot aches and pain caused by wearing high heels two inches and higher. Slip these specially crafted insoles into your favorite pair of heels, and read up on the product to fuel your future Bzz:

  • Unique design is clinically proven to help prevent pain from high heels 2” and up
  • Ultra-soft gel arch shifts pressure off ball of foot
  • Immediate and long-lasting comfort guaranteed, or your money back
  • Practically invisible, even in strappy heels
  • Slim design won’t make shoes feel tight
  • Insoles stay firmly in place, and are easily removable without damaging shoes
  • Soft, wicking fabric designed to keep feet dry and feel great on bare feet
  • Made to fit women’s sizes 6–10, including all open-style shoes

In a recent survey where women were provided the High Heel Insole, 4 out of 5 women surveyed said that they would recommend Dr. Scholl’s® DreamWalk™ High Heel Insoles to a friend!*
Dr. Scholl’s® products are developed by a highly technical group of scientists focused on foot care. Extensive research and clinical testing goes into the development of every product helping to ensure they're effective when they meet your feet. Because the makers of DreamWalk™ products are focused on women’s needs, clinical studies for the line were performed on ladies just like you — high heel-wearing general managers, students, office workers and busy moms (to name a few).

My Opinion- 
I am already a huge fan of Dr. Scholl's insole ; It was great to introduce again about this new collection from Bzzagent. This insole colors is lightly pink and very cozy. So soft and easy to wear. It is also very comfortable to wear and relaxed your tired feet without giving any pain at all. I am definitly going to buy some more of the dreamwalk collection for my other high heel.I highky recommend this insole to anyone.You can probably fond it nay local drugstore☺ 

Available- Target|| Website  

Price- $7.59 [on sale] 

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Let me know your favorite insole for highheeels ♥ 
Have a wonderful weekend! 

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