Monday, June 16, 2014

Mask Monday || Nature Republic Aqua Mask Sheet

Welcome to my "Mask Monday" post. Today I am going to review about this "Nature Republic Super Aqua Watery Sheet Mask" which I have got Free with my purchase [HERE] I love any kinda sheet mask cause it's fun to do and feels like I am taking care myself, lol.  

lol, my beauuutiphul teddy face♥

This sheet mask is very watery as it mention in the packet; I don't know what ingredients in it cause I can't read the language. I love the shape of the mask,quite good for my round tiny face, lol. The mask is completely full with water formula.No scent at all. The mask dried on my face,although I spray some water on it when it's dried,hehe..!It took less than 10 minutes to dry up. Here is the thing that I love about this mask- it hydrates so well,moisturized as well and I feel like my skin drank up the formula/water so well. I feel so refresh and smooth at a same time. Other than that it didn't do anything like brightening the skin or else at all. 
I think this mask is great for any skin type and if you want to refresh yourself or just need some hydration, this mask is great. You just put it on and relax!! 
I highly recommend this for full hydration and refreshment♥ 
I don't know how much it is as I got this as a sample with my purchase.Please do visit some online store where you can find it☺ 

Let me know if you ever tried this one.What do you think? 

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Be Happy! 

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