Monday, June 23, 2014

Mask Monday || Nature Republic Blueberry Pack ♥

Welcome to my another "Mask Monday" post.Today I was wondering why not post about this "Nature Republic Blueberry pack" which I am using for a while now.At first I really couldn't figure out how to use it because it's a different face pack I have ever tried.It is a gooey kinda mask that is mainly for hydration/moisturized! I actually bought this mask for the sweet blueberry scent.It was very refreshing facial pack. It's very complicated mask as well,you know what i mean. You suppose to rub it on your face and then wash off with water. But i feel like total waste of money if i just wash it off.So i put it on my face, rub a bit, and then wait until it absorb on my skin.As you can see it's slightly in blue tone due to the blueberry complexion.When the pack completely absorbed on the skin,you see the oily face appeared!! I know sounds really eeekyy! But I feel like it's great for dry skin, because it is healing those cracky,dry,dump skin as well as hydrating and moisturized so well.I don't actually use any cleanser to wash it off; just a warm wet towel would be great to clean the entire face. 

Overall, after using this pack for couple of months ,I finally can say that I love this mask! Because it is super moisturizing and hydrating for my dewy dry skin!! I am actually using it once a week just to hydrates my skin better.It is also improve the skintone and cleansed so well.My skin really feels soft and smooth after i wash it off.It's great to use during the winter season.I would highly recommend this pack for those of you who have extremely dry skin like me. Although I am not sure how it feels for oily skin as it turn into an oily facial pack when it absorbed on the skin. They have some other range of this collection as well,do check it out.

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