Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Empties [2014]

Happy Tuesday! 
Here are some of the products and stuff I have been finished up in May.
Let's begin- 

Bath&BodyWorks Foaming Hand Wash || [Here] I loved loved this Peach Bellini scented foaming wash.It just smell amazing! very mild and sweet. I would probably choose this one on my next purchase  !
Aveeno Body Lotion || OMG! I finally finished up the whole aveeno lotion!I had to buy two set of this lotion from Costco!! I remember I bought this two years ago!! Damn lotion. I don't think I am gonna buy any more combo huge size lotion from Costco;although I loved this lotion because it's fragrance free,non-greasy.And of course moisturized well.  
Johnson Baby Oil || My hubby only use one oil for his entire body,skin,hair and it is Johnson baby oil!! Although I love how he smell like a baby♥ We will forever gonna buy it! 

Q-Tips Cotton Bud || This is our must have skincare tools.I guess we can't live without our qtips- just realised it when it was emtpy!!♥ ALready stock up 3 more pack☺ 

Dove Fragrance Body Mist || [Review Here] I loved this mist from dove.I received this last year from Dove.It was a nice size of mist to take it anywhere. I already have some more mist from BBW,so I don't think I am gonna repurchase it. 
Gargle Water || Hubby used it and loved it.I just ordered another bottle of this gargle water.It was recommended by his MD.

Nunaat Deep Conditoner || I loved this keratin Deep conditioner from Nunaat. [Review Here]   I don't think I am gonna buy it again though.

Josie Maran Lip Tint || It was a horrible lip tint I have ever tried!! Honestly!! The brush was almost dried out and there was no color on it.I was so disappointed that I wouldn't even wanna review it! 
Afrin Nose Spray || Yep! another afrin just finished now! [Review Here
DeLish Candy || This is the yuckiest nut candy I have ever tried!! Just throwing out the full box!  

Poise Feminine Wash || First time tried this and loved it. It's very gentle and refreshing femine wash. I would probably love to buy the full size. 
Nume Hair Mask || It was a nice hair mask [Here] I don't think I'll buy it; too expensive! 
Nivea Body Lotion || I didn't like the scent of this body lotion. Sorry Nivea
Loccitane Body Butter || Loved it.Very mild scent and very moisturizing. 
Beyonce Rise Fragrance || Loved it.Very warm and sweet scent.
FreemanBeauty Rose Paper Mask || [Review Here] my favorite though!♥ 
Garnier Cleansers || [Review Here] loved it.Favorite one is the combination one. 

Delish Cherry Liquorice || Terrible! Anything about cherry just tasted horrible.
Zoya Nail Polish Box || No, I am just throwing out the paper box .
Valentina Serum Box || Just throwing out the box. Still using it 
Shaklee180 Snack Bar || It's a horrible bar I have ever tried. Never purchase. 

Snapea Crisps || Loved it.Tasted so good. 
Hot Green Peas || I will never stop buying this. My favorite snacks !! 
Egg Roll Snack Bar || So this was my last packet.Loved it.

So, that's all for this month.I hope I will get back with more stuff!☺ 
Have a nice day! 

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