Sunday, June 22, 2014

`Mini June Haul `

Happy Sunday everyone! 
Yes obviously I was thinking to write about my recent haul/shopping post.Just waiting to gather all the items so that I can thoroughly show you what i have ordered.☺ 
Mostly I love to shop online because we are always busy.We can only manage to shop in store on Sunday. 

Another Body shop haul!! Actually this is for hubby.He has extreme acne issue.And when i told him about their tea-tree oil skincare kit, he jumped to buy two bags of the kit and a moringa collection gift kit for me!!(so cute!!♥) But it's not finished yet. He later bought 10 bottles of the tea tree oil just in-case if he need it!! I know it sounds super scary!! As you have already read that the oil contain only 0.03 oz, he worried if he need more in future. lol!! Well, we haven't yet received the bottles yet;probably it will arrive this Monday! 
BTW, i already tried all of it.Let me tell you first about the Moringa collection. I am so happy that hubby chose this one to give me.These are the mini collection of the set. The bag is super cute in green shade. I have received a body butter,body wash and a toilette. Obviously they smell amazing. I am happy about the size as well. Later I'll buy the full size of the butter too. 
The tea-tree oil kit is also great for acne.It comes with a cute shower pouch including a body wash, lotion, toner and oil. Wish the lotion and the oil comes in bigger size!! The scent of this collection is very strong and herbal essence  and kinda feel like spirit.I have recently got some pimple on my cheeks which is really disgusting! After washing my face, i apply the toner and it burnt like hell.But after then it absorb well.The oil is like a spirit,It just Mattify  my skin super fast.I have dry skin,so it's kinda make my face dry,that's why i used a moisturizer too.My husband have oily skin, so it's good for his skin.We just started using it , so i am not yet come to the point how good it is for acne.i'll update more about it. Moreover, i love the toner because it feels good when i applied it on the skin. 

Some baby clothes and shoe for my little baby nephew,Pokemon [yes, that's his name♥]. He is just too adorable. I can't wait to meet him.Baby haul is so much fun to do. i feel like I wanna buy everything.It feels so great to shop for baby stuff.I can't imagine what i'll do when we'll have our own kids.I guess i'll shop everyday. I already put a lots of baby stuff on my wishlist.Most of it are for baby girl.Yes, I want my baby girl back again♥ 

Lady Gaga perfume set for my sister-in-law for giving birth to my cute baby nephew♥  Actually we couldn't decide what to buy for her,so hubby picked this for her. I hope she liked it.We already sent this to her. 

Last year, due to my pregnancy, i made lots of loose dresses which is unfit to wear now.So I need some belt to adjust with it and it's fashionable for summer too. I found these on Ebay, they are super cheap but cute♥ Let me know which one you like most. 

I found this cheap bracelets on a street fair last week! $1.00 for each! The quality is not good but it's fun to match with any Summer outfit. Among them i love the deep purple one. 

These cute clips I also bought this from Street fair for $1.00 each!! so cute. 

We also purchased two skipping rope and backpack for hubby. 
Anyway, shopping is always mind refreshing for me,although hubby is boundless when it comes to spend money.Most of the time he ordered unnecessary stuff that we even don't need to use it. Like last time he bought a big  microscope which he haven't opened it yet.Now every time I mention it, he just answered me that he'll see the blood cell with it!!

Anyway,Sorry for the boring lame haul post. Let me know about your shopping list as well. 

Be Happy!

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