Thursday, June 12, 2014

♥ New Endless Weekend AND Perfect Summer Collection BY BBW- Candles || Hand Wash ♥

I am always been a huge fan of BathAndBodyWorks's candles!!This summer they bring a new collection called- "California State-Of-Mind" which provided with many new different scents and honestly I am craving those candles right now. In this collection, I have received three different scents of mini candles and also their Foaming Hand Wash from" Perfect Summer" collection which is new for Summer as well.
BBW is the best when it comes to wrap their products and send it in a cute box!♥♥ Just a mind-blowing happiness you'll feel when you see it☺

As always, they include a sweet description card with the box!

Inside the box, I have received-

  •  TURQUOISE WATERS Mini Candle ($4.50)
  • SUNSET BEACH  Mini Candle ($4.50)
  • BEACH DAY Mini Candle ($4.50)
  • Endless Weekend Gentle Foaming Hand Soap ($3.00- on sale!)  

I am so getting addicted to their new candles! The mini size candles are perfect for my tiny room and also great for my bathroom corner. As you can see they change the look of the candles, now it comes with colored glasses.previously they used transparent glass.I think this new look is super fancy and great for home decoration as well.Now let's talk about the scents.♥ When I opened the box, I already got the refreshing smell from the candles (without even lighten-up!!) The "Turquoise Waters" smell like those kind of  "Lux Body soap"-very refreshing,sweet, beach-grassy & obviously feels like you just take a nice bath in a deep Ocean!!♥ The "Sunset Beach" has very light- sweet & warm Sugarcane scent.♥ The "Beach Day" is totally smell like Those kinda Men's Body Spray!! I remember my father used to love the body cologne that smell like this candle!! (lol, WTF really!!) ☺

Can you see, this "Endless Weekend" Gentle Hand Soap looks so beachy-sky blue. I am a HUGE Fan of their foaming hand soap! Although i am currently using the lemon kitchen, but this one is totally suit the season.Reminds me those beach time happy memory and smell so refreshing!! I already finished the Peach Bellini hand soap which was my favorite as well [REVIEW HERE]

Let me know if you tried any of this scents yet. If not then go to their store and ask for the FREE SAMPLE !! ♥
They always have some good deals,so check out their website below for more great offer ♥

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