Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sample Saturday || Philosophy Age-Defying Serum (Time In A Bottle)

Welcome to my "Sample Saturday" post. Today I am going to review about the "Philosophy Age-Defying Serum" which I have received so long ago.While I was cleaning my stuff, I discover this little beauty inside my drawer;almost forgot about it. I used to love "Philosophy" skincare products before but I realized that it didn't change anything regards to my skin. So i moved to other skincare products.After heard so many good things about this serum, I was really curious to give a try. 

I have dry skin; so I always prefer something that moisturized as well as hydrates my skin. Well, i used it before applying the regular moisturizer with clean face.Suddenly it started to peel off the skin which is super gross!! I hate serum that peel off the skin!! Well then I just add it with the moisturizer to see how it feels.I think i rather just dab on the skin and let it absorbed first. Well as you can see the serum is thick and pink in color and glittery. Smell so light and nice,hydrates and moisturized. 
Overall i like it except those peeling off moment (yuck!!) It was nice sample to try out. I wouldn't repurchase though! 
Let me know if you tried it too. May be it works for you!♥ 

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