Tuesday, June 10, 2014

○ Sunday FOTD AND Blah Blah ○

I usually do not post FOTD on my blog because I am not makeup photogenic , you know!! So I thought to post it for fun!  hehehe...BTW, I am so brave to post my ugly pics here.☺
Normally I wear makeup on Sunday only and whenever We have any occasion or family get-together. ☺ 

Products I have been using recently- 

  1. Bare-minerals Primer 
  2. Victoria Jackson Duo Foundation [Here
  3. Boo Boo Cover-up Concealer [Ipsy]
  4. Citi color Be matte Blush [Ipsy]
  5. Benefit Highlighter 
  6. RimmelLondon Eye pencil 
  7. RimmelLondon liquid black pen eye liner
  8. RimmelLondon Red Lip-gloss 
  9. Studio Gear Holiday Eye-shadow Palette [Here

First thing, I love to apply my primer.This is from bare minerals which I have won from a giveaway!I am not fan of concealer until now!! This Boo Boo concealer is amazing!! I received from my ipsy bag [Here].It blended so well and so light weighted!!Covers up the blemishes well too. Finally I realized that Victoria Jackson Duo foundation is great for summer time for my dry skin.Love how it makes my face look flawless without any cakey face! As it's a cream foundation, I used a wet sponge and applied as a dabbed motion.Little goes a long way♥ And as it's comes with a duo shade, I used the darker shade as a bronzer.Loved it♥♥  I think this Matte blush from citi color is the  perfect shade for this season;so girly and very warm tone. That RimmelLondon Red lipgloss/lipstick is so RED!!! As you can see, I only applied this lip gloss on my lips!! So glossy and vibrant! Love how it creates the look. But it's so messy, I kept cleaning my teeth with tissue all the time.It just transfer everywhere. I guess I would prefer something semi matte red lips next time! {eeekkk...}  

And Here is my puffy {fat} face with Hubby♥ & suddenly he realized that we wore red that day !!♥

The nails done with Revlon Nail color. It's the bright pink. 

Whenever we go to China Town, a bubble tea is must for us! This time we tried- Red Beans+ Coconut Jelly Bubble tea. It was so sweet and yummy! 

And then I picked up a Lychee Moon Cake for the very first time!! It's so soft ! It wasn't so bad! May be next time I will try the other flavor !

Here is the Almond butter bread hubby chose to try. It's just so soft and buttery.Yummy!!♥ Wish I could buy some more. 

So that's all for now!! 
Have a nice weekend! 

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