Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eid Weekends! [A Late Post] ♥

Eid Mubarak to all my friends♥♥
Sorry for the late post. I was quite busy celebrating "Eid Festival'' with family. I was out of blogging for almost like a week I guess but I know You saw my post update. I was actually scheduled my review post for the week which helps me get more extra time to spend with family☺♥♥
So, how was your Eid? Well, I was happy that Eid was on Monday this year, because usually my husband has off day on Sunday! So, he was actually willing to help me to get ready for eid. This was the first time we were doing cores for Eid together.He helped me a lot this year. He took all cleaning responsibility and let me do other works nicely♥ Aah! I am so grateful! As I have mentioned on my other post, that I didn't shop/ buy anything this Eid, because my mom sent a full luggage of Eid- clothes and etc for both of us!!♥ I have so many new dresses now!! Unfortunately I only wore one dress on Eid day! I was sad little bit on the day because I couldn't go to mosque with my sister-in law and other relatives because I was on my period!! EEEEeee.. So on the morning i spent my time  putting henna all over my hands and feet☺ You know I love Henna a lot.  You'll always find henna cone in my room. The tube I have bought is weird though! It's not natural henna but it's just kind of chemical mixed color!! It's horrible!! I will never trust any Indian seller again!! I bought this from the store. My sister (law) was busy this month for home repairing stuff. So, she didn't cook many items.There were few guest come to our house this time, I don't know why!! We went some places and got together with Hubby's friends! Oh! and jst let you know that I have no close friends live in here with my area , so every Eid is kinda boring and sad for me- family and friends, this two things I miss a lot during any occasion!! I miss my Eid time with my family and friends in my country a lot! Just talking via phone or skyping is not enough!

Enough chitchat, let me show you some photos below☺
Hope you like it ♥

Long black Salwar-kameez with gold and orange combination.Love the pearl and embroidered designed on the dress I added a golden belt with the dress so that the waist look slim a bit [Hahaha.. fatty problem!]

Here is the terrible Henna fail. I wish someone could do it on my hands. It was quite painful to DIY !! What do you think?

New bed-sheet for Eid. It's a gift from my mother again.

With my hubby & my awkward dumb face.

With my baby Niece! She is super cute ♥

With my sister-in-law, She doesn't like to take photos anymore, but agreed after I forced her this time. Sorry she was unwilling to show her face with you guys!! No problem, you guys understand the situation!♥

With hubby's friend's wife.They are really sweet.Sorry, hiding their faces again.

Obviously, selfie trends is a must ☺
On my lips- Besame Lipstick [Review Here

I didn't take many photos this Eid,sorry! Hope you understand.

Let me know about your Eid celebration and details!!
I was so sad for the last few days of Ramadan, because i couldn't pray or even join fasting for the stupid Period! But at the end of the day, I am grateful for everything Allah give me in my life.That's what we should appreciate first to our God/Allah!

Hope you guys have a great Eid weekend!!

p.s. I am still praying for Gaza! I know I can't do anything except praying for those innocent babies. My support will always be with Palestine.It is unbearable to see those innocent kids dying/ injured/lost family for the terrorist attack by Israel. I hope they stop the war and cooperate with each other. It is not about religious fact. It's about HUMANITY!!

Please pray for those innocent people from Gaza because at least we can do that as a human being!
Be safe!

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