Thursday, July 3, 2014

Let's Face It || Skin Secret Derma 540 Roller || Review

Have you guys ever heard about "Skin Secret Derma Roller 540" before? It is a needle roller for your facial treatment. It's a manual roller to use it on your face. 
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Better and Affordable Alternative for Beautiful Skin

The Professional's Choice for Skin Treatment at Home

- Scar removal including acne scars 
- Stretch Mark removal 
- Wrinkle removal/reduction 
- Cellulite reduction 
- Large Pore reduction 
- Hair Loss restoration 
- Hyper Pigmentation treatment

Micro needle technology, also called microneedling, allows your body to create collagen for natural and fast results. Not only do you get fast results from the Derma Roller, but it will also allow other lotions and serums to penetrate the skin. This will allow for visual and noticeable improvements can be achieved in just a few days!
Your Derma 540 is made with Titanium alloy needles 1.0mm length, on a roller with a 540 needle count.

- Super easy to use 
- Stimulates Collagen production 
- No bruising, infection, discoloration, 'healing time' or other complications 
- Cost effective 
- Almost all skin types can be treated 
- Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients from appropriate skin care products

* Do not share Derma roller or use on eyelids* 
1. Make certain that Derma 540 is sterilized before     each use 
2. Sanitize working area and hands. 
3. Make certain face is washed and all make up is      off 
4. some people use a numbing cream, but should not    be needed with the 1.0 mm needle 
5. Roll Derma 540 in a straight up and down              motion picking up when you are done with each      stroke. 
6. Roll Derma 540 in side to side motion picking        up the Derma 540 when done with each stroke. 
7.Some people also use diagonal strokes. 
8. Make certain that you do not change directions      on same stroke. 
9. Many people will apply a face cream right after       rolling. 
10. Sanitize the Derma 540 and put back in case.

My Opinion-
Honestly I didn't know it could be that much scary until I tried it myself!! This is not really my first skincare tools. I also own  clarisonic brush which I fully in love with it.I am not familiar with needle treatment,until now!!  At first I was really curious when I saw this needle kinda roller tool, and I thought it might not hurt as it's suppose to use for facial!! Oh Boy!! I was so wrong!! This is a hurt pointing needle that I dare to use it on my face 2nd time! 
So, this tool didn't do anything to my face. Then I tried it on my legs;  because I do have stretch marks over there and this tool suppose to reduce that. Unfortunately I still bearing those stretch marks with no shame! (Disappoint again!) 
So here is the thing that I have finally acknowledged about this tool- 
If you want to put serum/mask/moisturizer directly into your skin, you probably love this needle roller.It will open up the pore and let it work out the way you use it. I know I have to use it very slowly and firmly with precaution but still it hurt my face.I do follow the instruction as well.The entire day I felt burning sensation on  the face; YES!I couldn't even calm my face using ice/creams/oils etc. I am really scared to use it again! lol.. I guess I should try it with a wet face pack, so that it can work better this way.I actually use it in bare face and it hurts. I still have baby face ; so I don't want to enlarge my facial pores with this needle roller.Gosh! I think I should learn more about this tool about how to properly use it! 
So, the final conclusion is that, this tool is not for my facial skin. I guess this is for more matured skin and people who usually like to do acupuncture thing..(hehe....) I wouldn't recommend this but sometimes as a blogger we love to experienced with extreme tool, right?

Available- Amazon 

Price- $19.95

Learn More- Website  

Let me know if you tried it as well. 
Have a nice weekend! 
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