Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sample Saturday || Philosophy Moisturizer- Hope In A Jar

Hello everyone & Welcome to another "SampleSaturay" post.
You know, Sephora always have events going on which is amazing to participate.You can learn about new products as well as testing too! I remember last time I have attended their events was back in 2012 and the lady was nice enough to give me tons of free stuff + facial from the events!! Here is post- {Click
So, I was particularly excited to see a huge deluxe sample of "philosophy moisturizer- Hope In A Jar" on my bag, because I was really wanted to buy this.It was great to try first to see if it suit my skin or not☺ 

I thought I would love it but actually I didn't!! It was ok but not as good as I was expected! This is very light facial moisturizer that doesn't do anything on my skin!! I have dry skin , so I must need a good moisturizer that provides moisture and hydrates at the same time. This particular moisturizer didn't moisturized at all.It's just vanished within a second after applied on the skin. It has  a weird plastic kinda smell which reminds me my childhood plastic dolls!!! I think it works for oily/ combination skin. It absorbed on the skin quickly but remain makes my face dry. And it is costly too which is not worth at all!!

Overall, it didn't do anything on my skin , i didn't like it. But if it works for you, let me know☺ 
I won't recommend this moisturizer if you have dry skin like mine or you hate tacky weird smelly products! 

For more details visit their website!

Have a nice weekend! 

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