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Sample Saturday || Vitabath Body Washes!! [AGAIN But NEW]

Wzzup all, welcome to "Sample Saturday" post. I know you might be curious what's going on with me that I am continuously posting about the Vitabath Body Washes on my Saturday post. 
So, last week, I have received again three different scented but unknown collection of their Mini Body Wash Samples as I am a  VitabathInsider! I obviously love to try out their body washes as it's one of my favorite!♥ 
You know, their collection are huge. Sometimes I get confused which one I should try first. For this campaign, they sent me three different scent with the mark "M", "R", "I" on it!!! That was quite challenging for me, because all the scent smell amazing but I can't figure out the exact name- so many flavors comes to my mind!! 
So here is some briefly thought about each scent I have received! 

The mini bottles are good enough to use it for at-least three times  because little goes a long way for me. Last year I tried their mini samples too with the same bottle size [Here] except there was name tagged on it. 

Before I started talking about the scent, I should mention how awesome these bodywashes- 
  • Sulfate & Paraben free
  • Very foamy and leather well
  • Very Moisturising & Hydrating !
  • Makes skin smooth,clean and relaxed 
  • Also free from propylene glycol, DEA, TEA, triclosan, silicone, and mineral oils.
  • No harsh checmically scent
  • So many flavor to choose
  • Cute packaging 

"M" Body Wash- 

At first, I tried the "M" bottles.I put the desire amount on the loofah to make lots of foam (as I have mentioned above, little goes a long way!) It has no color on it(transparent!).When i started rubbing on my skin, first thing comes to my mind is "Coconut"!♥ It is kinda Hawaiian Coconut, fruity- flowery scent!! After using it three times, I realize it is the scent of that Beach spray that I have received on my Ipsy bag [Here] !! I know, i am so weird!! haha!!  
I still don't know what scent it is but I am pretty sure it has coconut scent on it. 

"R" Body Wash- 
This one is the most strong scented among the three of it.And it's purple color!! It is kinda reminds me Orchid flower/rosemarry  jam scent!! [So confusing! I have no clue what scent it is but it's very familiar!] 
After using it for three times, I realize this scent reminds me the BBW Sexy Body cream [Here
Overall, the scent is very strong but sweet.Love it . ♥

"I" Body Wash- 
Here is the last one!! It is also transparent color.This scent is similar to the cheap drugstore brand body wash  that always sell on holiday season.My niece used it before which is how i immediately remember that. The scent is very light, perfumy and kinda reminds me spring flavor!! It could be their cupcake couture or spring spa  collection- i am not sure but i am guessing. 

Final Thoughts- 
Among the three  of it, I love the "R" one best because it's strong but sweet and long lasting scent!And my least favorite one is the "I" one as it's so light scented but not long lasting..
Overall, I enjoyed using three of it and definitely love to buy their collection. I can't wait to see each of the fragrance name !! 

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So, that's it for today! As Ramadan will be ending soon, I'll be busy for all the cores.I am though not doing any shopping this time, because mother already bought so many clothes and etc for us which will be arriving to me soon! So excited but at the mean time i am thinking where I should put rest of the stuff in my tiny room!! 

Have a nice weekend! 

Lastly, watch this hilarious video!! [You're welcome☺]

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