Sunday, July 13, 2014

Worst Body Butter From The Body Shop

Happy Sunday everyone! 
You know I am a huge fan of  The Body Shop's products, specially their bath and body stuff. You have probably seen my Last January Haul post - HERE  where I have bought this "Cranberry Body Butter". As you can see by the title- it is one of the worst body butter I have tried so far, although I was forced myself to use it until it's done for the expensive money I have spent for this S***. 

Well, I didn't find the details about this butter on their website anymore!! May be they stop selling it, lol. 
I have very dry skin which is why I always prefer body butter that contain rich formula and hydration effects. Obviously i can blindly trust their body butter as previously I have enjoyed using it. It did hydrates and smooth my skin and I did feel amazing except the scent! It is just smell like red wine!!! [really!!] You know you definitly not want to smell like alcohol in front of people.I do love red wine but it doesn't mean I'll put this on my body and let people think I am drunk who just took a wine bubble bath!! It doesn't smell like cranberry at all.Moreover, if it does, I would rather skip buying it next time [agghh...]  

You know their butter's are quite expensive[although, i bought it on a sale!!] so I didn't wanna to throw it up. I usually used it at night because it hydrates and moisturized my skin so well. I am not the only one who hate it, even my husband felt disgusting of the smell!! Every time I applied it at night, he started to yelling at me, lol. 
Thank Goodness, i have finished this terrible butter!! (I am awesome, I know!!)  

So, here is the good suggestion from me- DO NOT BUY THIS BUTTER!!  

Oh! and here is the People Magazine I have received few days ago! Thanks to the +Klout 

Anyway, I have to cook now, see ya guys later ! 

p.s.- let me know about your thought!!♥

Have a nice weekend! 

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