Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Brand Focus- VoilaVe Beauty And Skincare

Hey guys, I guess I barely write any Brand focus post this year! So I have decided to start now  with some of the brands that I am loving lately.
So, today's post is about "VoilaVe" Skincare.

I have been enjoyed using the "VoilaVe" skincare products. Previously I have tried their "Argan Oil" which I absolutely loved it [Review Here] They were sweet enough to send me some more skin oil and serum to try out.I knew it that I am absolutely gonna love it .

Let's talk about the Rosehip Organic Oil first. You know I have dry skin and it worsen during the windy day/ winter. I have to use an extra oil for protection.And this rosehip oil is amazing for that. It's also heal the sun damaged and cracky skin. I love that it hydrates and moisturized well. The color of this oil is yellow and somehow the smell is little bit weird, but as long as it provides my skin very well I don't mind it at all.It is also have the ability to heal any kinda scar and stretch marks which sounds amazing.  

Here is the Hyaluronic Acid Serum. You might read that I talked about 1000 times that how good and essential it is for our skin. So far I have tried so many serum and this one is also great among all of it. It has  a nice smell and it's not sticky at all which I mostly love about it. I use it at night before bed so that it absorb well when i ma sleeping. You can say that I am using it as a sleeping mask. A little goes a long way. 

Their packaging is quite similar to the other products I have tried so far.Both comes with a dropper and glass bottle. 

Overall, I am loving their oil and the serum as well. And I highly recommend this to try out . 

Available-  Oil- Here [$15.99] 
                  Serum- Here  [$24.95] 

Have a nice weekend! 

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