Friday, August 1, 2014

Foodie Friday || Cheese Cake And More

Happy August everyone & welcome to the "Foodie Friday" post!! I can't believe that it's almost the middle of the year!!! So scary!!!
It's Friday, so let me show you what I have been craving lately!☺

 Last month we went to shop in Chinatown to buy some fruits and vegetables and while I was roaming around, I saw some yummy cakes popping out in the store.I don't always pick cheese cake but hubby wanna to try this out.It's  soft kinda mousse cake.So fluffy, and light sweetened to taste.It's yummy and perfect with evening tea♥

There are many kind of mousse cake which we will be testing again! 

I don't know about you guys, but we love chickpeas specially the chili one. This is the mustard green peas! It's so strong and you have to be careful to eat it.  

 The perfect size for every age! 

I always keep this on my handbag, I prefer the chili one,it's spicy but not so strong like this one!! 

Any kind of coffee candy is a must for me! This is Latte candy that taste so yummy! Again, I keep lots of candies on my handbag,specially the coffee candy.

 Look at the milkish cream inside the candy which is so sweet and yumm!♥

We bought some puff bun that taste like croissant bread. It's not so healthy though, made with so much butter which makes it yummy! You can find it on Costco!

The whole month of Ramadan, I enjoyed drinking Starbucks Frappucino♥ We bought the full case from Costco!
Tumbler is a must for me, specially in Summer time! Although I cut out a lot of caffeine. But for the Holy month of Ramadan , you know you have to pray,cook,fasting that makes you weak and tired.So a little caffeine goes well for me.I enjoyed this mini frappucino with lots of eyes!!!♥ 

So that's all for today! I'll be back with something else next time♥

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Thanks so much for stopping by and read my boring blog!!
Have a nice weekend! 

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