Friday, August 8, 2014

Foodie Friday || With my Lil Niece

Hello everyone! & welcome to my "Foodie Friday" post. 

Right now I am fasting again; I know "Ramadan" is already over. But I am doing the rest of the fasting which I couldn't perform for unwanted "Period" EEEEeeeeEEE!! Girls, this period is killing me.I was so sad when I couldn't perform the last 10 days fasting!!I almost cried like hell.(bad punishment!!) Today is my 3rd Fasting day & I am feeling pretty good though! 
You know sometimes I love to try new snacks and food and specially in Ramadan time we bought different kinda snacks to try. 
So, the first thing I have tried is this "Barley wheat Stick". It is almost tastes like rice crackers. I loved it☺ It is so yummy, crunchy and good for tummy☺ 

It's a great snacks with evening Tea. I guess it contain a little bit of honey or maple syrup!

Here is the close caption! Nom Nom Nom!♥

You probably read my last post where I have mentioned about MinsYong Cake- This is the pineapple flavor.Last time we bought the cheese cake honey flavor which was yummy. This one is not bad if you like Pineapple! It is soft,moisten and easy to eat.Haha!! 

I made some homemade noodles- (Guilty pleasure!) with eggs and vegetables.Although you can't see the vege... Aha! 

Here is my little Baby Niece enjoying Vanilla Ice cream cone with me.It is from McDonald. Whenever I feel rush for icecream craving, I prefer their vanilla cone.It tastes so good.It's affordable and easy to get anytime you want.Haha!!

And at the end of the day, I want apple juice with lots of ice and cherry♥ 

That's all for today! 
Hope you enjoy reading this post! 
Have a nice weekend! 
Stay Safe.

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