Thursday, August 14, 2014

Garcinia Cambogia with Green Tea - Weight Loss Pill

Garcinia Cambogia with Green Tea - Weight Loss Pill

Here is the details what the company claim about this weight loss pill-
Why Our Garcinia Cambogia Product is Different ?
This unique formula contains natural non-stimulating ingredients for improved metabolic activity for healthy weight control and improved body mass. The ingredients work together for improved results.

There is a lot of misinformation and claims made about Garcinia Cambogia. Our product was formulated after reviewing the data and is intended as a complement to a proper weight loss plan.(To help our customers we provide a 23-page diet and exercise plan with this product so our customers succeed)

Why our product uses Garcinia Cambogia with Green Tea and Chromium for Weight Loss ?
- Hydroxycitric Acid(from Garcinia Cambogia fruit) helps block liver enzymes in the body from converting carbohydrates into fat and works as a natural appetite suppressant. Also helps with glycogen formation(highly usable form of energy for muscles to burn).
- Green Tea extract has natural flavonoids called catechins which can help increase fat burn and promote the release of fat from fat cells to help muscles burn fat more efficiently during exercise (Many overweight people experience difficulty in naturally releasing fat from fat cells).
- Chromium plays a vital role in the metabolism by decreasing the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Assists in insulin response and lower insulin levels which can reduce the conversion of carbs into fat after eating.

Why Choose Apex Natural Garcinia with Green Tea Formula?
1. Unique Formula with Specific Synergistic Ingredients.
2. 100% Quality, Standardized Ingredients for Optimal Results.
3. NO Fillers, NO Stimulants, NO Other Ingredients. Manufactured and tested in the USA.

4. Purchase includes diet and exercise plan to help customers achieve long term results.

5. Better Value: 50% More than Most Brands & Unique Formulation.

My Opinion
So here is the final opinion about the weight loss pill.I took this pill for two days and then I stopped it!After taking this pill I have got some massive reaction which I really doesn't like about it. I know some people may like it but unfortunately my body couldn't accept it. 
I feel- 

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • weak
  • stomach Pain
So, I immediately stopped taking the pill.I know I badly wanna to loose some weight but I guess it's a bad idea to use this formula. 


Price- $19.97  

Let me know if it works for you. 
Have a nice weekend! 
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