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July Empties [2014]

Happy Sunday everyone!
Finally I have gathered some empty products for my post, although some of the items I couldn't keep it because hubby threw it away! Every time, I told him not to throw emtpy products and he forget about it. I actually hide my trash can from him~ most of the time his reaction was pricelss when he saw my hidden trash can!! lol.
Anyway, let's begin!!♥

Loreal HairCare- I bought this cool New Loreal Hair color in June.I used it twice. Although, i didn't see that much result because my hair is black-deep brown. I love this shade too. It gives my black hair a new shade which is cute as well.It wasn't a permanent color which is why the color lasted for few days for me.I washed my hair frequently that's why it faded away! If you have blonde or light brown hair, you should give this a try. ☺

Nivea Face Wash For Men- my brother-in-law used it.Obviously it smell like men's body spray. I guess he likes it.
Adovia Salt Scrub- [Review Here] I know, you must be wondering how on earth i finished this whole tub so fast!! Haha! Actually I didn't finish it yet! I mixed it with my Ahava scrub in a big jar! Save some space, you know.
Hollywood Beauty Tea-Tree Oil- we bought it from drugstore.It is very strong scented. It's a nice oil. I used it to prevent fungus attack/dandruff relief.It is also great for blemishes as well.
Pure MoroccoArganOil Hair Mask- [Review Here] I loved using it. It makes my hair really soft and nourished well.Unfortunately it's a very small jar for me! I think I have finished it after 4 washes!!
Dove Deodorant- I actually don't like the pomegranate scent of dove.This deodorant is solid which I really do not prefer to use.Thank Goodness I have finished it!
BBW Hand Soap- [Here]Their hand foaming soap is amazing! Everyone will love it I swear!! This is the lemon scent and it is not my favorite though. I love the peach one!!♥

Valentia VitaminC Serum- [Review Here] You know how much I love facial serum!! It is kind of sticky which I dislike about this serum.But it works wonderful for my skin. I am not sure if I'll buy this again because I still have tons of serum which I haven't finished yet.
TheBodyShop Tea-Tree Toner- We both used it. Hubby bought it for acne.It didn't work for him though! But it worked for me!!I think their tea tree collection kit is for people who have mild acne issue.My husband have terrible acne,but i usually don't get acne like one popped out in a month i guess! I loved using this toner though. It smell nice and it does help to control the oil from your face!! If you have mild acne/blemish problem, go for it.
Coola ER Foam Wash- [Review Here] This face wash is great for normal/combination or oily skin. I used it on summer because I have dry skin. It was a nice foaming face wash and the packaging is super cute. I don't think so I would buy it again.
Pantene Repair Shampoo- [Review Here]I am not a fan of pantene shampoo but I prefer their conditioner though. It was nice sample to try out.
Dr.Brandt Scrub- I was at first excited to see this scrub on my Ipsy bag [Here] But after trying it few times, I don't like it that much.
Dove Oxygen Shampoo & Conditioner- Enjoyed using this new collection from Dove.My hair feels smooth and smell nice after using it.
BBW Mini Candles- [Review Here] Nice scent from the new collection of their candles. 

Dr.Jart+ BB Cream- [Review Here] very greasy for my dry skin. I won't buy it again! Time to toss it. 
Dual Mascara- I actually bought this for leopard print on the packaging! The formula of the mascara is so bad! The fiber part is okay to use it though! 
Shisheido Primer- It's a sample.It is quite similar to the BB cream/ foundation for the pigmentation!! 
Sephora Lipstick- So much glitter on it,although the color is pretty nice (muave) 
Stilla Luminizer- I have enjoyed using it.Got this from the Birchbox [Here] Sadly I finished the tube.The liquid shimmery highlighter was perfect for my skin tone!! ♥
NYX Lipgloss- [Review Here]  It was so moisturizing and so glittery. 
Fruity Lipstick- I actually don't know the brand.It was my mom's lipstick. Before I moved to USA,I grabbed few makeup from her.I wish I could know the name of the brand. It is such a beautiful lipstick I have ever tried.Smell so refreshing & fruity.Pretty orange to coral shade.Perfect for my skin tone♥ 
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner- I have enjoyed using this gel eye liner. It was my first drugstore liner.It comes with a brush!

Schick Razor- Loved using this razor.
Henna Cone- It was expired!! Loved using it. BTW do not use expired henna on your body, otherwise you'll get rashes or allergy attack!! 
Ped Egg- Hubby bought this for him. It is so sharp and if you are not careful enough, you can cut your feet too!! I do not recommend to use it. Not safe at all. 

FreemanBeauty Clay Acai Mask- [Review Here] loved using this mask. 
Nature republic Collagen BB Cream- I loved using this BB Cream. I used it once.It smell nice and works just like foundation.I got the lighter shade than my skin-tone but I loved how it makes my face flawless.It absorbed on my skin so well. I recommend this to try out. I will definitely love to repurchase it on my next visit!!♥ [You can check out my fotd HERE , i used it on Eid!]  
FreemanBeauty Carcoal Mask- You probably read yesterday's blog post about this mask. We loved it. Actually it's not mask, it's a scrub!! 
Loccitane Milk Body Cream- Gosh! it's smell so amazing!! This body cream is so good for my skin!! Please at-least check out the sample first, I am sure you'll love it♥ 
Jergens Body Lotion- It was a nice body lotion. I am not gonna say it's best but it was okay!! It's not greasy or sticky which i like about it. 

Here are some empty boxes- Ahava Serum, WHet Nail polish from Ipsy[Here] , Besamme lipsticks [Review Here] , Secret Deodorant. 

Lastly, my People Magazines!!! I love collecitng magazines,but since I have moved to US and for the lack of space I have to throw it all. :(

So that's all for this month. I hope i can gather some more stuff next month!!

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Have a nice weekend! 

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