Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Makeover By One Direction Makeup Kit

Today is a bad day to write a blog post because my mind is so blind like on and off!! I don't know what's going on!! Is that only happpend to me or you too sometimes!!?? 
Anyway, let's get to the point straightly!! 
Before I start talking about "One Direction Makeup Kit", I would like to inform you guys that I am not a fan of 1D; even I barely know about them,lol.(Apologize to all the fan girls,lol) 
I am not so good in makeup, I just do it for myself and for my hubby,lol, actually you can say, because of him i do makeup.
SO let's begin with the kit. ☺

Although, i feel like it's mainly for Teenager, but it does contain some good valuable makeup to try.
It comes in a tin box, and it's really pretty!Including the details about their collection.  

As you can see, the box inside is designed well as a makeup kit. It contain- 

  • lipGloss- "Taken"Glitter pink 
  • Eyeshadow palette- soft pink,Silver, turquoise blue, royal blue, saphire. 
  • Lipstick- Bubble Gum pink shade 
  • Mascara- "Little Black Dress''Black & Volumizing 
  • Nail Polish- "Na Na Na"Metallic Aqua Blue 
  •   Eye Pencil- "Stand Up"dark denim
  • 5 piece of Stencil set 

  • So, here is the products out of the funky box.They designed it very well.

    This is their  "StandUp" Dark Denim crayon eye pencil. I absolutely love this eye pencil.It is actually feel like a real crayon, haha!! It is soft and smooth to use & the pigmentation is excellent !! ♥ You can easily get the desire color by smudging it with the brush.I just love how it blended so well and give a smokey shade- deep to light. If it possible to get it individually, I'll probably gonna buy their eye pencil♥ 

    Next is this Lip-gloss!! It is so sparkly (coated with glitter!) and shiny.It's like Hot pink shade and moisturizing! It feels a bit weird on my lips, so you can guess I have a mixed feelings about their lip gloss. 

    The mascara shade is jet black.The brush is nice enough to coat the lashes well.

    My Thought about this eye shadow palette- Meehh!! I am sorry, but the quality of this palette is not so good and I didn't even expect it.Hahaha...! The colors are not so pigmented except the Sky blue shade which is called- "Save you Tonight".  

    Here is the Bubble Gum Pink Lipstick, called- "I should have kissed you". I love the packaging and it does contain bright pigmentation. You can see below how weird it looks on me, haha!! It didn't suit my skin tone but I love it.It feels like the same crayon formula that I have mention above about the eye pencil.It is so smooth and soft to use.

    Here is the metallic blue nail polish and it's called "Na na na"!! It is quite similar to the WetNWild Nailpolish [Here] It is not my favorite color though!Somehow it feels awkward to me. Oh and I thought to do henna again! Haha!! You can guess I am crazy about it.

    Lastly, this 5 piece of stencil set.It's fun to try. 

    Here is my not so pretty makeup look☺ I still need to learn more about doing my makeup though, Haha!!
    You can see how the lip color pop up weirdly! I had to change my lip color later because it's just to bright on me.But I still love it♥ 

    Here are some more photos of mine. We went many places that day and I force hubby to take some piks. 

    How I look under the tree? Haha!! 

    OOTD!! Lol, BTW, I usually wear salwar kameez in Summer, where I mostly comfortable with.  

    Oh, And I wanna to show you my childhood earring that i still have it and proudly wear it in no time.Hahaha!! It's a butterfly earring, my mom bought it for me when I was in Class4 !! 

    Overall, I love their makeup kit, except the eye-shadow palette!! And among all of it, my favorite one is the crayon eye pencil♥

    I know you didn't participate on my 1D makeup kit giveaway- Here  [Sorry!!you missed it]

    Learn more about their other colleciton- Here 

    Macy's - August 11th
    Stage Stores – August 25th
    Dillards – August 25th
    Beauty Brands – August 25th
    Lord and Taylor - August 25th

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    Enjoy the weekend! 

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