Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Amazing Miracle Cleanse Review

This year I have learnt a lot about cleansing detox method through blog/you tube/ various articles. You have probably read my previous post where I have mentioned that those detox capsule is not for me! I got bad side-effects after taking pills, [Here] So, this time I have shared it to my cousin who is more curious to see if it works or not. 
It is a natural and specially for cleansing your colon.Colon is a part of our digestive system.It is very important that we should take care our body inside as well. 
In this bottle, it contain 30 capsules and they have claimed that we'll get the result within 12/24 hours.!! This is sound so challenging. Who doesn't love the instant result?! 
You can use it in two ways- ( occasionally or for 15 days) He has decided to try it occasionally.
So, this capsule contains all kinda herbal and natural ingredients which is not harmful for our body at all.Let's see the result below. 

- Premier Colon Cleanse and Detox Plus Weight Loss - All Natural, Safe ,Gentle , Colon Health and Detoxification Program - Just 2 Caps a Day for 2 Weeks -  30 capsules

Do you suffer from constipation, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, gas, bloating, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, low energy, a flabby tummy, or skin problems? WE CAN HELP !!

You can flatten your belly without exercise , Get bulge free with our all natural colon cleanse and detox formula
Makes the digestive system more effective,Maintains regularity and prevents constipation, Increases energy,Increases the body's absorption of vitamins and nutrients , Improves concentration, Helps lose weight, Increases fertility, and these are just some of the benefits.

2 MONTH SUPPLY - A little goes a long way. Just 2 caps a day for 2 weeks and that's it. Other cheaper cleanses don't work as well and you have to take them constantly. Our unique colon cleanse is formulated for so that you only take it once very other month.A BETTER CLEANSE FOR LESS MONEY! Why not have a superior cleanse that ends up costing you less than one you have to take very month.

The Amazing Miracle Cleanse formula will provide results within 12 to 24 hours in terms of helping rid the intestinal tract of excess waste, reduce bloating, help increase energy and may provide several pounds of weight loss within a few days. Included in the formula are effective natural laxatives, fiber, herbs which help soothe the intestinal lining and Acidophilus to help promote healthy bacteria levels in the intestinal tract. While this product may not be used on a daily basis beyond the 15-day cleanse period, it may be used occasionally for intestinal cleaning with the 15-day cleanse repeated 6 -8 weeks following the initial cleanse.

His Opinion- 
My cousin was excited to try this out. He followed the instruction and took two capsules for a day (24 hours)- morning and night. After taking the pills, he didn't feel any awkward symptoms at all! I guess it suited his body. The digestive system worked pretty well as he described- the stool was soft and color was normal (Gross!!) He didn't face any bloating or pain.The whole day he ate his regular food/meal and didn't notice any bad reaction.At the end of the day he feels okay and really like it. He'll probably take it again,if he would suffer constipation/else and want to clean the digestive system again (lol) 

Please, Make sure you read all the description/label/ingredients and side effects etc before buying it. 

Available- Amazon 

Price-  $29.95

Thanks for reading.I hope it'll help you. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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