Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Season Indoor Games || Monopoly [Who Remember This?!!]

MonoPoly!! -- One of my childhood favorite game!! Every time my cousins came to my house, we knew that we had to play monopoly! Haha! It's a fun game specially in a rainy day or in winter/fall season.Recently i have got a new campaign from Bzzagent (Yoahhh!!)♥ and it's about this amazing "Monopoly" game. I was really excited because during winter / fall , we stay at home most of the time and so bored with everything!The best way to cheer up your mind to play monopoly with friends/family!☺

My niece decided to photo bombing below!Although it's not for kids under 5 but let's welcome my baby niece to show off her anonymous skill! Haha ☺♥♥  

Love that everything is packed pretty well in a place.

SO, here is the fun part. Now monoploly is teamed up with shutterfly where you can make/order customized the photo and add it to the game pack. Isn't it awesome!   

Here are the cards that you can add your picture-sticker. Order now from Shutterfly and enjoy the whole games.

I used to love the money! Hahaa!! 

Let's the fun begin! 

Best meme for the game. 

Learn More- Monopoly 

Available- Amazon | Walmart | Kmart | ToysRus  

Price- $13- $16 (price may vary)

Stay Safe ! 

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