Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ipsy September 2014

I love Mondays-- because I mostly receive my ipsy bag on Monday!! Aha!!♥ Last month's Ipsy was Mehh! But this month, it's not so bad.Mmm.. I can say I love it!! So let's scroll down to see what I have recieved this month☺ 

This month's Theme is "Street Style"
BTW, did you notice that lil car? Hmm.. That's my hubby's toy! [lol] Isn't it cute?! 

As you can see, this month's bag is pretty cute. It's kinda metallic shade made with synthetic leather and metal beads with a logo zipper (of course) It's so chic and i love it. 
It's fun to collect their bags, right? ☺ 

Obviously, my bag comes with 5 products. 3 are full size and 2 are samples.Here is the details- 

  • Duet Crown Brush (shadow + Crease) 
  • Hikari Lipstick  
  • NYX Hot Eye shadow 
  • Pacifica Waterproof Eye Pencil 
  • Briogeo Hair Deep Condioning Mask 

I love Crown-brush; currently I am using their brushes too [Review Here] They are synthetic but very soft brush! Absolutely love this brand. Really excited to see this duet brush.I don't have crease brush - so i was excited for this one mostly! Lets see if I can use it or not☺

I love getting lipstick in my ipsy bag! Yaaaahhh!!!♥ I have never heard about this company before.This is a full size lipstick and value- $13.00 on their website. They have 6 shades from this collection. I got the "Cabernet" shade, it's like a red wine tone.It's not like bright red but very doomy shade.It feels a bit matte on my lips.I love it.It's great for fall season. I am definitely going to try this one.So gorgeous! I love the packaging as well. Super cute. I don't have this shade on my collection. I think I am gonna keep this! 

I think it's full size, prize $4.50.  This is a great shade for highlighting because I have warm skin tone (duh!! Asian) It's so glittery. I almost finish the shade I use regularly. Good to see a new one through ipsy. It's a silvery whitish tone shade. I will definitely keep this. The packaging is cute as well. 

I personally don't like brown eye pencil.I love the basic black one. This one is from Pacifica (i don't like this brand either!) As you can see, it's a sample size.Good to know that it's water proof! I haven't opened yet. Probably gonna gift someone!! 

Sometimes i think ipsy might read my mind or current needy!! You know that I have recently bleached my hair! A good hair mask is must for me!! And look, it's in my ipsy bag !!☺ Although it's a tiny sample for my long hair, but still i love t. Look at that- a tiny miny jar! I am definitely gonna update about this mask soon. I have seen people talking about this mask! Let's see if it works for me or not. It's a good packaging as well.Very travel friendly! 

Aha! Comes with a lid!

Overall, I love this month's bag. Everything is cute and pretty useful. It's a good bag for only $10.00!! This is my 11th bag! I guess I only have one bag left!!eek!! Except the brown eye pencil, I love everything; including the bag too! Some of you may not like it , but it's totally for your own opinion, I understand that. 

Available- Ipsy  [referral link]

Price- $10.00 + Free Shipping 

So, that's all I have received this month! Show me yours now☺ 

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