Friday, September 26, 2014

Last Day of Summer || Coney Island`OOTD`Chicky-Talk

This Sunday, the weather was so doomy and we were feeling so lazy.Hubby decided to have a little beach date at Coney Island because i never went there before!! I know sounds crazy!! I am probably the first person who never visited Coney Island before,Hahaha!! We had no intend to swim there,we went at evening time,just to spend some refreshing time together.We really need that.Recently we are ttc like crazy! I am always depressed about this matter! I don't know what's wrong with me- why i just can't conceive,Allah knows!!! It is pissed me off to see people getting pregnant just like a blink of an eye!!EEeeeeee!!! 
Anyway,.... Summer is finally over! Let's enjoy the moment with love and happiness!♥ 

A bright lipstick= summer ☺

So beautiful♥

Selfie with hubby!♥♥

 I am the only one, who wore Salwar Kameez in the beach,So awkward but I really don't give a F*** about it! Haha!! People keep staring at me like an alien!!! o.0 

The beautiful sky!!♥

Food- Biryani ♥ [guilty pleasure!!] 

Outfit- Salwar Kameez 
Lipstick- WnW Lipstick (purty persimmon) 

Have a nice weekend! 

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