Monday, September 22, 2014

Mask Monday || Exuviance Performance Peel AP25

You might read my previous post [Here] where I have mentioned about this brand "Exuviance" skincare. I have enjoyed their both serum and lotion and today I am going to talked about this "Peel performance AP25"
So, why you need this peel pad? If you have wrinkle or fine line, then you must try this pad to minimize those problems. You know this brand's main focus is to create anti-aging products, so it's cool to try something new. 
First of all, I don't have wrinkles/fine lines on my face (oh yaah! I am forever young and beautiful,lol) :p But I do have stupid wrinkles on my neck!!! So why not give this a try. And for your curiosity I am over 20s, so yes I can use it!!☺ 
Basically there are two steps to follow.You'll find all the information on the card. 
  • Step1- Activator Pad 
  • Step2- Neutralization Pad

A 25% blend of AHAs and PHAs including Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Gluconolactone that exfoliates dead, dull surface layers, and stimulates the process of cell renewal among all skin layers, to reveal healthier cells. Clinical studies after one month of twice weekly use when used with an Exuviance PHA regimen indicate:

100% of users saw improvement in fine lines & wrinkles
94% of users saw more even skin tone, texture & radiance

 So, i just follow the step one by one. The first pad smell so bad I don't know what it contain but I really dislike the scent. It makes my face and neck sticky; I guess for the serum.I waited for 10 minutes and then applied the 2nd pad on my face and neck. Both has weird scent!! And then waited for few minutes. Then directly washed my face using my Konjac sponge. When i washed my face, it feels so clean and clear. 

Overall, I hope  it's gonna work because i still have to use for next two weeks for the final result! It's fun to try sth new, I am probably gonna concentrate on my neck next time. It's so expensive so I don't think I am gonna buy it again! 

Learn More- Here 

Available- Exuviance | Ulta 

Price- $75

Let me know if you try anything like this. 

Have a nice weekend! 

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