Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Picnic Date AT Davis Peach Farm || OOTD || Bleached Hair

*Warning-Lots of photo bombing below.

Before the weather change, we decided to visit to the famous "Davis Peach Farm" in Long Island this Sunday. It was a long road trip but we had so much fun.We loved and enjoyed the place.This is the 2nd farm I have visited since moving to NY! Obviously, excited to roam around with my hubby!♥ 

We had to buy two bags for $10.00 , to collect fruits/vege. from the farm. (rules there) No bags allowed to carry when you enter the farm!! We only can carry our cameras and water bottle. It was so hot sunny day! I was sweating like hell and the makeup melted immediately {haha}

Don't forget to buy some Spring Onions- it's the best!

 First we went to the "Plum" section.And those plum looks so blue and so yummy- juicy, sweet and sour!!♥

 The baby apples here!! 

Beautiful sky!

 SO beautiful view.

Any idea what it is!!


The long queue for the store.

Outfit- Salwar Kameez | Shoe- Comfy sandal 

I am always comfortable wearing my traditional dress, although I was sweating like hell under the sun! Makeup was minimum- just a black liner, BB cream, lip gloss.

So many plum!!!! I wanna hug♥♥ [excuse my ugly chubby face] 

Wondering why it's so blue!!! Can you spotted my bleached hair?

I am so bad at picking up fruits. Thank you Hubby for picking up for me ☺

Under the peach tree. It's so delicious!!

With hubby!

Yes! we brought Biriyani for the picnic! It was yummY! ♥ [Guilty pleasure!]

I guess you already spotted my bleached hair. It was my first time though. I did it at home! I kow sound crazy!! 

ANd here is the photo before bleach.

Please let me know if you like it or not. Do I need to change it? How I look? What color should I add on my bleached hair? 
We usually love to go with our relatives in the farm/countryside/for picnic/anywhere. This year is kinda mess.Everyone moves in many places,some are so busy.That's why we visit/ do picnic all alone.Going somewhere together is so much fun, isn't it? 

So, that's all for today! I am thinking where to go next Sunday!! Any suggestion?  

Have a safe journey or trip!! 

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