Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sample Saturday || Vichy Idealia Life Serum [Challenge Accepted]

Welcome to the "Sample Saturday'' post!! Recently I have received an amazing campaign from Crowdtap and they sent me tons of samples of "Vichy Idealia Life Serum" to try out for at least 8 days as well as share it with friends(5 friends) too!! ☺
So, lets take the challenge and see the result!! 

I love that they sent it with cute pink pouch!♥

DescriptionIdéalia Life Serum is our 1st treatment to counteract the 4 enemies of ideal skin for a visible transformation of skin quality in just 8 days.
See the transformation for yourself:Even & illuminated skin toneVisibly refined poresMoisturized & refreshed skinYouthful-looking complexion

In an unprecedented study, Vichy tested Idealia’s transformative power on a group of extremists—including smokers, urban dwellers, high-stress individuals, and those with poor diets. Despite their bad habits, these women experienced the following skin transformations:
22.5% improvement in skin evenness22.9% reduction of fatigue lines46.0% improvement in skin smoothness

Here is a gross pic. Read below for details.

I usually don't wake up in the morning cause I am a night-owl.I love that my skin feels great under the sun- Thanks 2 Vichy Serum!!♥

My OpinionThere is nothing to be excited about!! I have been using tons of serum and it's so good for your skin, you know!! So what's the difference about this serum? Well, it's an expensive brand that demand to make an extra ordinary serum.!! Let's talk about it details now- As you can see the samples comes in a mini shiny packet, I usually hate this kinda packet cause it's messy to use and unhygienic for reapply! But it has enough products to try one sample for 2 days I guess (for me though!) The original bottle comes in a glass with a pump applicator which looks nice. Well, this serum is for all skin type and has no paraben, sounds good to me. You know, I have very dry skin , so I always need something that provides my skin hydration, moisturization. I love that this serum has average thick formula for any skin type and it's kinda contain shimmer,like the Lancome Serum that I have used before [Review Here] Kinda like pinkish shimmer on it.It smell like perfume but not so strong and I can bear the scent! It feels so smooth on my skin that you definitely gonna love it.But unfortunately it peels the skin too!! [I put the peeling pics up above,I know gross!] Even on my clean face, it started to peel but no dead cell-- it peels the serum you just applied, haha!! But still i feel gross!! Isn't it irritating?? The result is great though! I feel so moisturised and hydrating all day long. You suppose to use it day/night for the best result♥ I think it also brighten up my my skintone!!! I love that it's not greasy or oily at all! 

This is the first product I have tried from Vichy Skincare and I can say that I loved using it and probably I will check out their other products as well.I highly recommend to try out their new serum for anyone☺ 

Available- VichyUSA 
Price- $44 (30 ml) 
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Let me know if you tried it as well! I would like to know your progress as well. Have a nice weekend! ♠ 

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