Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunday Trip || OOTD || Fun || Hair || Romance

It's the month of September and you can guess that we are visiting a lot of farm lately!! Last Sunday we went to the Davis Farm (Here) and it was really fun to have a mini date with hubby. This Sunday we went to the Lawrence Orchards Farm which is my favorite farm since I have moved to NY. This is my 2nd visit to this farm. I went to this farm first time in two years ago!!This time we went with whole family and with some few friends group, although i am not going to add them bkoz of privacy! 

It was a nice warm and cold weather that day!! It's a big farm with lots of production of vegetables/fruits etc. You can also see horse, goats, chicken,dogs,ducks. Common fruits are- apples, peaches, grapes, corn, strawberries, plum, etc. 

Dress- Gifted by mom (salwar Kameez)  I love love love to wear salwar kameez In Summer no matter where I am!

These grapes are so yummy! 

The black one is kinda sour!!

with my sister in law and niece.

The view is so beautiful to refresh your mind and soul!♥

Kid's park is great as well.!


This horse is so friendly! 

 Time for a makeover ! My all time favorite Revlon Lip Butter! So moisturizing!  

Always busy to snap!!! 

I hate this Mani though! eeekkk...

Little Romance through out the day! ♥ I forced him to wear green matching tshirt with me! I knew that he couldn't deny that! ♥♥ I have to admit that he had lot of patient to take all my photos! haha! ☺

Sweet hubby picking up flower for my hair .! Awww.. ♥

How I look! ♥ Finally I have learnt how to do front braid! Haha!! Need to practice a lot!! It wasn't so good but I atleast did it☺ Haha!! What do you guys think ? 

Am I the only one who tk a lot of photos!! ☺

So, that's all for today! See you guys next time! 

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