Friday, October 31, 2014

Insta Natural Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Moisturizer

Another Insta-natural moisturizer That i am testing today-- it is their "Niacinamide Vitamin B3 moisturizer" . Let me show you with details. 

Product- Insta-Natural Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Moisturizer 

Price- $21.45 (3.4 oz)

Shop- Amazon 

ANTI-AGING BENEFITS - With Vitamin C, Matrixyl 3000 and Rosehip Oil, our night cream formula helps to improve your complexion and reduces the signs of aging in skin. This facial moisturizer can be used regularly to combat dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and more.
SOOTHES ACNE & BLEMISHES - Our night cream contains 5% Niacinamide / Vitamin B3, which has been known to help soothe acne by reducing redness and inflammation of irritated skin. It also helps to lessen the appearance of red marks left behind by aggressive breakouts.
DEEPER HYDRATION - This luxurious cream offers ultimate nourishment to the skin. You only need a few dabs of this thick and creamy mixture to cover your entire face and neck. After a few simple rubs, the moisturizer will absorb into your skin, delivering instant nourishment while leaving your face feeling softer and smoother.
MADE IN THE USA - Each bottle of our Anti-Aging Night Cream Moisturizer is made in our advanced FDA registered facility. We strive to provide high-quality ingredients to our customers to ensure satisfaction.

Damn!! it's too hard to focus, sorry!!

My Opinion- 
It's a night cream and it has very thick constancy.It hydrates and mositurises my face and neck the whole night.I love how it feels wonderful in my skin and the next morning you'll get a baby soft face as well. Haha.. The pump applicator is super easy to use and obviously they change the cover/packaging which I am loving as well. This is a great night cream for the cold season. 

Website- Here  

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Brand Focus- Sano Naturals SKincare || VitaminC Serum With Free Bonus Offer Inside!!

Today's post is all about our new skincare brand- "Sano Naturals" 
Here learn more about the brand as described- 
Having beautiful, healthy-looking skin without the need for coverups or cosmetics is possible. Sano Naturals is committed to making this a reality with products that improve the structural integrity of your skin, and restore the nutrients that your skin loses over time because of pollutants and free radical damage.

Most cosmetics and skincare products contain harmful ingredients produced overseas. Ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol and triclosan are used in engine degreasers, garage floor cleaners, antifreeze and brake fluid, and are routinely found in cosmetics and anti aging skin care products. These ingredients are potential carcinogens and can keep your skin looking dull and unhealthy. We won’t mention specific product names here, but just do a quick Google search and you’ll be shocked at what you put on your face every day. Are those ingredients helping your skin, or harming it?

You will never find those ingredients in Sano Naturals products. What you put on your skin inevitably get absorbed into your body, which is why Sano Naturals uses naturally derived, organic ingredients whenever possible. Our Vitamin C Serum, one of our best sellers, is 96% naturally derived and primarily organic.

All of our products are produced in the USA in a GMP-certified, wind-energy powered facility with no animal testing and 100% vegan formulas. Sano Naturals believes that beauty and health do not have to come at the cost of the environment or your wellbeing.

Product- Vitamin C Serum & Vitamin C Eye Cream 

Price- $18.95 + Free Eye cream !! [Great Deal- value $90]

Shop- Amazon  

Vitamin C Serum- 
Well, this vitamin C serum is very unique.Not so watery/sticky at all. Scent is soothing and refreshing. It has triple anti- aging action ingredients. It also contain Hyaluronic acid and vitamin c serum that helps to maintain your skin. It fights for Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Wrinkles and Collagen!! It also provide UV protection and neutralize free radicals.

I love how it feel refreshing on my skin and smooth the face well.

Vitamin C Eye Gel- 
The skin around your eyes is 10x thinner than the rest of your face. This makes your eye area one of the first places where signs of aging appear. Dark circles and bags appear under the eyes because of a lack of moisture, and the thinness of the skin. The area around your eye does not contain any functioning oil glands. This means the eye area is exceptionally dry, and susceptible to damage, dark circles, and wrinkles.

Applying Sano Naturals Vitamin C Herbal Recovery Gel to the skin replenishes the Vitamin C your skin needs to look young. It also contains Silk Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acid that repairs tissue and moisturizes.

Replenish your eye area's Vitamin C and Peptide levels to: - Dramatically reduce dark under eye circles, puffiness & wrinkles - Stimulate collagen production - Neutralize free radicals and repair tissue.

I love gel based products specially eye cream/gel. It aabsorbedwell and feels wonderful too. It's a great way to pamper yourself as well. 

Website- Sano Naturals  

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spice That You Need In Your Kitchen Now-- Jiva Organic Cumin Seed

One of the common spice that you'll find in our kitchen is - Cumin Seed. It is a must for me cause we are Asian, hell love spicy food almost everyday. 

 Product- Jiva Organic Cumin Seed

Price- $6.98 ( $1/oz) 


Ridiculously good quality certified USDA organic whole cumin seeds
High Purity, Intense Aroma, and Great taste
NO salt, NO MSG, NO GMO, NO Ethylene Oxide (ETO) treatment, NON-Irradiated
All Natural, No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives
Packed in a resalable bag and then completely sealed to preserve aroma, purity and to avoid any contamination
Packed in a resealable bag and then completely sealed to preserve aroma, purity and to avoid any contamination

My Opinion
I use it in every curry recipe. It's organic, affordable and makes food tasty. As you can see the shape of this seed is very long and nice spicy scent, lol. I personally like powder cumin seed while cooking, so in that case all I did is use a blender to make it powder, Haha! 

Have a great meal. 
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Foxbrim Vitamin C Lotion For Fall Skincare

I love lotion, you love lotion, everyone love lotion- no defence. But have  you ever tried Vitamin-C lotion? Umm-- not me.I have used vitamin c serums but never actually heard about lotion!!! Or maybe I am the dumbest one to say that!!  
SO, it's a new skincare product for me once again from"Foxbrim" brand. Their products are pretty much similar to the other brand like insta natural but very unique though.
So let me show you what it is. 

Product- Foxbrim Vitamin C Lotion 

Price- $17.75 

Shop- Amazon  

Foxbrim's Vitamin C Lotion is an effective daily moisturizer with a number of added benefits. Do more than moisturize. With eight-fold antioxidant protection, our advanced formula prevents the formation of skin damaging free radicals. Provide ultimate skin hydration while effectively lightening sun spots and discoloration, reducing wrinkles (and formation) and refine overall skin texture. Create a healthy glow with soothing moisturizers and nutrient-rich ingredients.

Key Ingredients include:
- Vitamin C (15%)
- Aloe Vera
- Shea Butter
- Jojoba Oil
- Green Tea

What I Think- 

  • Nice packaging.
  • Love it
  • Kinda costly for the size
How It Looks/Feels- 
As you can see,  the packaging is quite similar to their other products.Nothing to fancy here but I love it anyway. Anything comes in a pump applicator is good for me. It looks like regular whitish lotion you know. The scent is citrusy but not so strong. It absorbed well on my body and feels smooth all day long. Feels refreshing as well. 

Result- It feels good and hydrates , moisturise at a same time. I am not gonna lie-- I think it's good for normal-oily skin. I love the scent and love how moisturizing it is. But for the price tag I feel like it's kinda expensive! You know there are other lotions in the drugstore which are super affordable and easy to find. 

Have a nice weekend! 
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Having A Little Tea Party || Tazo Chai ♥♥

We drink tea almost like 365 days a year [or more than that!!]!! It is like a compulsory treat in our house!! When I was like 9 years old, my mom taught me about making delicious tea.I was literally danced while making the first cup of tea and blushing happily when everyone gave me credit for the delicious tea!! lol those golden memories!! & now I am just too lazy to make the perfect tea for myself. I wish someone could make a mini cup of delicious tea and I sip that with a joy of pleasure!!♥ BTW, we love homemade tea rather than from the tea-shop/coffee shop. Although, every Sunday we have to pick up the tea and snacks from our favorite store (that's a different story, you know!)
Anyway, enough chit chat --let me introduce you a New Tea brand (well for me!!) called, "Tazo Chai" Thanks so much Smiley360 for this amazing campaign! I am beyond excited and happy to get the offer because you know we love tea!☺

We basically make Milk-tea every day because everyone loves it. We barely make liquor tea only when we feel sick/cold/fever!! These all comes in a filter bag so it is easy to make your yummy tea in a minutes! 

BTW, I bought these tea cup/mug from Marshall.These are so pretty!!
SO, in my mail box, I got 3 tea samples and 3 full box of coupons !! WhoOp WhoOp!! ♥

The Samples are-
  •  Vanilla caramel
  • Classic Chai
  • Chocolate chai
I love all three flavors!! Just Goddess of the sweet tea!! 

We went to Target and grab three different flavor  of tea.
Unfortunately I didn't find any of the three samples , so i had to pick some random tea flavor of my choice. 

  • Calm Chamomile Chai
  • Awake English Breakfast Chai 
  • Organic Chai 

The packaging is super cute of these Teas! Lmao for the awful background here! 

SO let's start talking about each flavor. 

It is a herbal tea and has no caffeine on it. The reason I have chosen this "Calm Chamomile" is because- Chamomile has the ability to reduce body-ache and pain (pms!) very well. Girls with period trouble must have "Chamomile tea" in the stash!  It's been like 3 years since I am hooked up with chamomile tea (you know, those PMS drama!!) It has aslo contain rose petals, peppermint,lemongrass and etc- so you can imagine how soothing it can be!! In the box, you'll also find about how you can make the perfect tea! COol!!  

Caffeine Level- 0

I picked up this "Awake English Breakfast" flavor for hubby. He doen't like herbal/spicy kinda tea flavor.Straight to the regular one. This one has no herbaly ingredients- just contain black tea! We usually drink regular tea without herbal/any kinda flavor on it.It tasted good as usual too. 

Caffeine level- 5/5

Last but not the least-- "Organic Chai" I wasn't sure at first how much I am gonna like it but I picked up anyway!! Thank Goodness I did pick up because it is my new favorite now!! I personally avoid spice mixed tea.Everytime we went to Indian store, they make those herbal-spice flavor tea that tastes so yucky!!! Surprisingly I am shocked to say-- this is the best spice tea so far!! Currently I am drinking this one (almost) everyday! It has all kinda mixed spice/herbal ingrdeints like ginger,cardamom,black tea,cinnamon,cloves,star anise etc. It is not so strong scented which is why I love it.  I would highly recommened this to try out.It is so refreshing and soothing as well.

Caffeine Level- 3/5 

I need to buy more from wholesale cause I know we'll run out of teas so soon. Let  me know about your favorite Tea right now! 

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Have a nice weekend! 

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Winter Care- Adovia Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturiser Cream || Review

Today I am writing about my favorite winter care cream from "Adovia" brand.You might heard several posts about  this brand!! I have been enjoyed a lot using their various products. No doubt I love this brand a lot.I am once again lucky enough to get a chance to try out their "Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturiser Cream" which also a great product. 
Winter time means extra care for my skin and body.I have super dry skin and you may know that people who have dry skin, get wrinkles at the very first time of their age unless they take care well. 
Although, I don't see any wrinkles yet on my face (you know, I naturally have childish look & skin!!) but I do make sure to care properly even in every step of my life. So, I have tried this anti-wrinkle cream for a week already and Yes I love it!!

Product- Adovia Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturiser Cream

Available- Amazon 

Price- $28.61 [Free Shipping]  

Infused Your Skin with Vitamin C, Dead Sea Salt & Minerals, Lactic Acid and Collagen for Maximum Long Term Anti Wrinkle Effect
Anti Wrinkle Facial Cream Smooths out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time
Not a phony "Miracle" Anti Aging Cream - an Ingredient Based Long Term Approach to Younger Looking Skin
Seaweed and Premier Aloe Vera feed skin needed nutrients for maintaining naturally youthful skin
Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Increase the firmness and overall vitality of your skin.

What I Think- 

  • Worth the Splurge 
  • Lovely scent 
  • Great for any skin 
  • Nice packaging 
  • Feels wonderful after applied 

How It Looks/Feels
As you can see above,They packaged it very well-safe and sound.Haha! Anyway, The cream comes in a matte glass jar- as usually same packaging--no complain! Another thing is common about their moisturiser/cream-- is the Scent!! I don't know why their products smell same!!I know the scent is nice but seriously I am kinda bore of it now!! As you can see, it's just looks like snow cream, not so thick and absorb on the skin well. I think it's good for all skin type.

The Result- It feels wonderful on  my skin. Makes the skin very smooth and polished!! I have dry skin, so it moisturise and hydrates at a same time!! I would definitely repurchase and highly recommend it to try out! ☺ 

That's it for today! Let me know your favorite anti-wrinkle cream!! 
Have a nice weekend! 

p.s.So, Ebola just landed to NY!!! Huh!!!! I guess my death is coming closer!! After hearing the news, I feel so sick and sick!! Ugggh!!! I hope that Dr who got Ebola virus,can survive this dangerous disease!! Who knows when they can actually make the anti-virus! 
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sample Saturday || Nature Republic Skincare

These two little samples looks cute but it's quite difficult to get the products from the tube!! I have got these free with my NR purchase last year [Here

  •  The First Emulsion Serum 
  • Advanced Cell Boosting EX Toner 

Let's talk about the Emulsion serum first.It is very light weighted and has sweet floral scent.This scent really irritated me through out the day. I personally dislike scent on facial skincare products.I loved that it absorbed on my skin well and little bit feel hydrated as well.It's not so moisturing though, that's why I had to use a moisturiser after using this serum. 
The toner is also perfumy and I hate that too.I love that it didn't dry out my skin! 
I think these two products are great to use during Summer.However, after using these two products , I got few terrible acne kinda cyst which is really ugly and then I stopped using these products! I won't recommend it to try out. 

I even dislike their sample packaging.It's hard to get the products from the little tube!! Uggh!!! Time to throw these on trash!! ☺

See you next time! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last Ipsy Bag With Redeemed Points || October 2014

I am so F*****g sad right now!!-- No more Ipsy for meeeeeee!!!!! This is probably my last bag from Ipsy [waaaaa...] I have been loving these cute bags with goodies almost like a year!!Time flies so fast, I can't even imagine!! Right now, I have no intention to re-subscribe but you never know what happened!! Let's see...
So, let's started talking about my last bag from them. This month's theme is about "Beauty Candy". Not so fall related packaging but the products in the bag is pretty much suit the cool season though! 

Nope- that century leaf didn't come with the ipsy bag though! Hehehe.. I just picked up while walking at evening.Aahh! I love Fall season!!♥ 

Here is the card showing the Youtube beauty gurus--  My favorite is Chrisspy☺ 

Sneakpeak here--- as you can see,I have more items because I have recently redeemed my points and ordered Milani Bella eyeshadows!!WhoOp WhoOp!! ♥ 

There are five items in the bag- 

  1. Ayres Body Butter 
  2. H2O+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment 
  3. Jesse's Girl- Baked Eyeshadow 
  4. Skyn Iceland Facial Wipes
  5. Starlooks LipGloss 

Let's talk about the bag first- I loveeee it♥♥ Greenish deep pastel shade with block design on it.Very soft and leathery and waterproof material!! Not a fall featured but it's cute, isn't it? 

Final Thought-  I am probably keeping this bag. It's cute. ♥

Well, I am a huge fan of Body Butter and obviously excited to try the "Ayres Body Butter" At first I was slightly disappointed because I don't like the scent! It's made with jasmine and rosemary oil.I almost thought to toss it- but I didn't.I used it on my feet last night to see how it works on my skin.Surprisingly the next morning,my feet feels so soft and smooth!! Wow!! The scent is not so good but I am still going to use it!!The packaging is also cute and travel friendly!☺ 

Final Thought-  Loved it and keeping it. 

Finally I have got the H2O+  products to try out--Yeeeaaaaa!!! Yes, I am a fan of this brand and I was hoping to get some samples through ipsy.I guess they read my mind at the end! My niece previously tried this sample, So i already knew how good it is because she loved it. You know I have dry skin so hydrating and moisturising are essential for my skin. This is a gel based cream that helps to hydrates your skin all day long. I love gel based cream specially for Summer time though [bad timing!] The packaging is also cute[obviously!] The scent is also very soothing and nice!!♥  Thank you Ipsy!!☺
Final Thought- Keeping it and obviously gonna use it.

I have never owned any products from Jesse's Girl, although I have seen this brand on drugstore.Never actually interested to try it!! I think it's a full size shadow. I am not big fan of baked eyeshadow but it's alright to get sometimes one or two. [This is my 2nd baked eyeshadow received from Ipsy!!] Well, I haven't swatch it yet.This shade is called-- "Ocean Breeze" Very beautiful blue shimmer shade,probably make a dramatic eye look I guess. The packaging is cute too. 

Final Thought- Probably giving away [mmm.. not sure!!] 

I am not a fan of facial wipes though. It was okay to get it. Mmm.. I am not sure if I have heard about this brand "Skyn Iceland" before, I think I have tried lotion sth from this brand-- I don't remember!! My skin is slightly sensitive about the wipes.I hate to use it.Irritate my skin and burnt so badly!! I always avoid it. Let me know if you try this before. 

Final Thought- Keeping this but not sure when I'll use it, lol 

Last but not the least- "Starlooks lip gloss". Never excited to get items from this brand. Not so favorite. It's a nice tiny size lip gloss samples. I haven't opened yet; the shade is called "Guilty Pleasure" and it's kinda in pink mauve tone.I am so bored of this color now a days- I have enough gloss/lipsticks from this shade.

Final Thought- It's Okay, throwing it on my purse now!! 

So, that's all I have received in my Ocotober Ipsy Bag!!
Final Thought- I know I am probably gonna use only one product from this bag which is the "H20+ hydrating treatment" Love it.The rest of the products are mmm.. okaaayy!! And the bag is pretty cute too. 
Overall, I like this month's stuff though.☺ 

Oh, wait- it's not over yet-- Here are my three Bella Milani Eyeshadows-- WhoOp!

The shades are- 

  1. Bella Espresso 06 
  2. Bella Gold 22
  3. Bella Ivory 01 
I was really wanted to grab those shadows and luckily can redeemed through my points!! I am mostly excited to try out the Gold shade.The Ivory shade is also good for inner corner highlights. I'll probably swatches those asap.☺  

So, that's it about this Ipsybag.  

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Price- $10/month [Free Shipping For USA only] 

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Have a nice weekend!