Friday, October 10, 2014

2nd Day Of Eid || || OOTD

Round 2☺ I am featuring my eShakti tops here. The weather was so cold and windy.After evening, I had to wear a sweater to bear the cold.We went  to watch the "Bang Bang" movie in our local Kauffman Theatre with friends. It was a good movie though with popcorn and drink!eee.. 

This is my 2nd day curl, much better than yesterday!! I should blame the hairspray for the mess!
The sunlight made the hair more brighter and scary!eee. Rimmel nude on the lips.  I really look weird without my spectacles,isn't it?!! 

Love this tops, although it's appropriate for Summer.I love chiffon fabric but it's kinda rough! I prefer soft chiffon though! 

 I wasn't so sure about the size at first so it came in a large size!! Fortunately I  have few belts to wear with it. This belt even matched with the dress color!! Woop woOp! 

 Love the sleeves size.You can also order full sleeves/sleeveless! It's your own preference.

Easy front zipper.

Oh! and here is the packaging! via DHL.

It was so windy and cold-- I added a shawl at first but later I had to stick with my black full sleeve sweater!!

With hubby again! 

We then went to KFC before headed to the theatre. 

You should watch this movie.Hrithik danced so well, obviously!! 

Tops- eShakti  
Leggings- Marshall 
Belt- ebay 
Jewelry- Gift 
Shoe- Gift 
Bag- ebay 
Lipstick- Rimmel London  

That's it-- 2nd day of eid literally was nice to hang out with friend. What about you!

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