Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ChatterBox- Bear Naked Granola Bar || Yummmy ♥

Woohoo!! My first ChatterBox Offer!! I was beyond excited for my first offer although it's not something I have seen people talked a lot. 

So, this is what inside my chatterbox mail- 

  1. $3.50 coupon for a full box of Free Bear Naked Granola Bar 
  2. $1 off coupons for share. 

It's a Target coupons!! So, we had to go to the store to find this bar. I wish they could give regular copuons so that we could redeem it in any store!!! Anyway, it was a fun trip though!!  

Finally found it- I picked up the chocolate one (obviously!) 

six bar inside one box!! Packaging is cute too!

Let me tell you one thing- this is one of the yummiest bar I have ever tried!! It's so chocolaty, has nuts and oats!! Full of fiber and tasted so good. One bar is enough for evening tea time. Hurry go grab one!! You'll love it. 

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