Saturday, October 18, 2014

fast Acting- Advil [ Fast Fanatics] Must Have Pain Relief/Muscle Pain pill

Hey guys, Happy Saturday! Recently I have received another  new campaign from crowdtap [WoOhOo]  and it is about- "Fast Acting Advil" Pain relief.. But before I start writing about it, just let you know that I only take pain killer when I have massive pain attack!! So, it is another Ibuprofen tablets, 200 mg pain/fever reducer; even fight headache pain as fast as possible!!! They recently change the packaging and it is also work faster than before which is awesome.

It's available in any local drugstore which I spotted last week at Riteaid!! 

And here is the old stash--

So, here is our little story- My husband works at night.He always suffer from massive headache which is painful while working. So, he wanna to try out the new Advil fast acting pain reliever!! And within half an hour later, the pain just gone like a magic!! He was really happy to get the fast result.You just have to take two pills-- that's it!!  My story is simple as it is-- Girls suffer from PMS every half of the month, you know! So what i need are-- Advil, chocolate,more chocolate & cuddling buddy!! ☺  Thankfully Advil is so helpful to relieve my awful pain and it is really fast acting!! 
I highly recommend New Advil fast acting to try out, although it's up to your own preference! 

p.s.- Having a little dance while shopping!♥♥

Available- Any drugstore 

Price- May Vary 

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